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Friday, July 1, 2011

A VERY Eventful Afternoon Yesterday

:::Sigh::: Where to start, where to start. Let's see - I posted yesterday about how I have been growing increasingly uncomfortable. Well, yesterday the lower pelvic pressure and twinges I were having were getting worse. I figured it was just a brewing UTI, even though it didn't burn when I peed. I wasn't even going to call the midwife to see if it were something I should or shouldn't be worried about, but a co-worker made me call. I am glad she made me call, because the series of events that followed my 3:45 appointment were not what I had expected or planned on. I'm in a "bulleting" mood, so here is an outline of yesterday afternoon:

  • Got to OB appointment; was taken in, weighed (I currently weigh 139 :( ), gave a urine sample - urine was clean - did a vaginal culture, got to hear Cael's heartbeat, and got my belly measured.
  • They added me on for an ultrasound; Cael weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces +/- 5 ounces, and was in the 67th percentile. My cervix measured between 1.97 and 2.1cm, which is short.
  • Got put back into a room to talk to my MW about the results. Was told she wanted me to go up to L&D to be monitored for a few hours to see if there was a reason my cervix was short.
  • Got wheeled up to L&D strait from my MW's office at around 5:30-6pm; got put into a NST room, where they hooked my belly up to the monitors. Turns out I was contracting every 3 minutes.
  • The nurse talked to my MW, and came back in with a shot of Brethine to try and stop the contractions (man that burns!!). Another nurse comes in ready to start an IV on me, and I find out they may just keep me overnight. My MW explains that they want me there for at least another few hours to make sure the Brethine worked; she also told me that she was going to be giving me a shot of steroids for Cael's lungs, "just in case". That shot is in the butt, and that burns as well!
  • The Brethine appeared to be doing it's job, and the line was flat for the rest of my stay.
  • I was discharged at 8:45pm, with instructions to stay on "modified" bed rest for a week (meaning I'm missing a full week of work, and therefore a full week of pay); take my Brethine every 6 hours; and return at 6pm tonight (Friday) for my second steroid shot and another NST to make sure things are remaining calm.
  • I have a follow-up appointment in one week on Friday the 7th to check my cervix again, to make sure it's not continuing to shorten. The extent of my bed rest will be determined after that appointment. I'm assuming if it's staying at 2 cm, then I'm off bed rest; and if it's less than 2 cm, I'm staying on bed rest with more restrictions.
PHEW!! That was a lot. I'm hoping for an uneventful NST tonight, and that we don't see Cael for at least another 6 weeks.

:::You stay put, you hear!! We're anxious to meet you too, but not this soon!:::

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