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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Where It Should Be..

3D image of my uterus and my displaced/embedded IUD. Fun times.
My IUD, that is. The ParaGard has failed me. I've had it only since June 2012, and it's malpositioned. After months of heavy, heavy periods lasting about 10 days or more, and bad cramps, I finally listened to Matt and went to see a doctor. She said that the ParaGard is known to cause heavier, longer periods, and that is most likely the cause of my issues. But just to make sure, she wanted to get an ultrasound done to check my uterus and make sure there isn't an underlying problem. I was on the fence about getting it done, because I had (briefly) looked at my uterus a couple months ago, and everything seemed fine. Of course, I'm a know-it-all when it comes to this stuff. Plus, my facility just started collecting deductibles upfront, prior to doing the exams. So I would have to pay a good amount of money to have my ultrasound done there. But it would be cheaper than getting it done at my GYN office - plus, I don't know who reads them at the doctor's office. At least if I get it done in my department, I know our docs will look at it.

So I went ahead and scheduled the ultrasound, and had blood work done for a CBC and thyroid levels. I spoke to a coworker who deals with insurance and deductibles, and she said it would be fine if I brought in whatever I could for the deductible. I'll most likely get a bill for the rest, but that's fine.

Despite what I thought, it wasn't weird having my ultrasound done by a coworker. I was able to watch too, which I liked. Long story short, my ParaGard is low in my uterus, and the "T" arms look to be embedded in the myometrium of my uterus. IUD's are supposed to be contained within the endometrium - which is the lining of the uterus. Outside the lining, is the myometrium. Fun times. I asked to have one of the docs look at it, and he dictated the report as that. And yes, I followed the HIPAA rules, and signed a release for my images and report.

So yesterday, my NP called me and told me that the IUD is not where it should be, and that it has to be removed. She also said that I'm not protected, and need to use a backup form of protection. Say what!? Who knows how long this thing has been out of place for, and how long I've been "unprotected" for. So of course, I'm terrified that I'm pregnant. My mind starts racing about the what-ifs. Fortunately, I'm due to get my period in the next couple of days, so hopefully it comes. Unfortunately, this IUD could have been displaced a few weeks ago when I was ovulating.

My mind also starts racing about the removal of this thing. I'm legit terrified. The NP said that the report was very wordy, and therefore confusing (which I disagree, because I read it myself), so she showed it to a doctor in the practice. She said that they both agree that the IUD isn't perforated into the myometrium, and the removal should go easily. Umm, ok. I know she's the NP, and I'm the patient, but she also hasn't seen the images. She only got the report. I hinted that I was afraid it was indeed sticking into the myometrium, and she said that we will just go ahead with the removal, and go from there. I hope she's right, because if she goes to yank that thing out, and it hurts like hell, she'll certainly know about it. I hate to sound nasty and like a know-it-all, but even the Radiologist who looked at my images agrees it's sticking into my uterus. Oh well, I guess we'll see on Monday.

After Googling "ParaGard malposition and pregnancy", as well as IUD removal, my nerves are on edge. I need to take my own advice, and stay away from Dr. Google. But I did learn the correct term for what's going on is "embedded". The IUD arms are embedded into my myometrium, not perforated. Perforated would be if they poked through my uterus entirely. I've read that the removal of an embedded IUD can be difficult. I'm really hoping my appointment goes smoothly on Monday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter/Spring/18 Month Pictures

These pictures are my all-time favorite to date. I can't believe how much of a big boy he looks in these pictures. They're not the clearest, because they're pictures of pictures taken on my phone, but you get the idea. This boy has my entire heart.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

19 Months Old!

March 5 - April 4

I'm not really sure where to start with this post. The problem is, that I've been so busy, and never have time to update this blog when I want, that I lose track of time. Because of that, it'll be one, two, or three weeks past when I wanted to post it! I hate that.

So where to start. Cael is doing good with soccer every Saturday. He does really well kicking the ball around, and gets along good with the other kids. He gets cranky when we try to do what the Coach has planned, because he wants to just keep running and playing. But other than that, it's going well. I'm so happy we signed him up.

Cael is actually stomping on the bubbles!
We had to miss the 3rd week of soccer (April 6), because both Cael and I were getting over the stomach flu. He actually started throwing up Saturday night of the 2nd week of soccer. He was already in bed, and about 9:30 that Saturday night, we heard him throwing up in the crib. It was everywhere! It was the most disgusting thing we've had to deal with pertaining to Cael. It was all over him, all over the bedding and all over the floor. While Matt cleaned up the puke, I put Cael right in the bath. Needless to say, we spent Easter Sunday comforting Cael and snuggling him. He threw up about 6 times Saturday night, and spent the night in our bed with a pot next to him. Over the course of the next 5 days, Cael developed diarrhea and had a fluctuating fever. By Tuesday, Cael was so lethargic, that he'd stand up, walk a few feet, then lay right down on the floor. I had Matt take him to the doctor that Tuesday, just to make sure he was ok and it wasn't something else going on. They did a finger stick to test his blood, and it wasn't bacterial, so that was good. Over the course of a month (since his last well visit), Cael didn't gain weight. He actually lost weight. But he was sick and not eating, so that's fine. He weighed in at 24 pounds 14 ounces. My poor little munchkin.

Sipping on his new water bottle after soccer
By Friday, I had developed it. I was hoping I had escaped it, but not so much. I had so much nausea and the pit of my stomach was hurting so bad. But I still got up Friday and lugged myself to work. However, I was sent home. Turns out they don't want you there if you're possibly contagious. Lol. I made it back home in perfect time, because as soon as I walked through the door, I had to run and throw up. Fortunately for me, I was better by Monday. I definitely had a fever Friday and Saturday, but I was thankful I didn't have it as long or as bad as Cael.

So now back to Cael. I don't really have any updates on him, because he's not really doing anything new. He's still not talking. But he'll babble your ear off. He continues to understand what we say to him, he just doesn't communicate back. He can now show us where his eyes, mouth, feet, nose and ears are. That in addition to belly, leg, teeth and hair. He's also started giving this new "look". I call it the "furrowed brow" look. Out if nowhere - or if you tell him NOT to do something - he'll lower his head, drop his brows, and purse his lips. It's hilarious, and we can't help but laugh when he does it. We have no idea where he learned this from, because we don't make this face (that I know of, anyway). Toddlers can be so funny.

Finally, we picked up the pictures that we had done for Easter/spring/18 months. I'm so happy with how they came out. We got a whole bunch of prints, and I can't wait to put them in frames and hang them on the walls. I'll do a separate post for them, though. He looks like such a big boy in them, that I can hardly take it.

My sweet angel

Fun at the park!