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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time Flies!

Wow it's been a while!! I guess time just flies by as life happens. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Valentine's day - have all come and gone! Cael is now 2.5 years old, and he is turning into quite the young brute! He is 110% boy - everything is cars, trucks, monster trucks, planes, helicopters and trains. Being fearless, he jumps off our bed and couch. He is smart, sassy, funny and getting so big! He is rather defiant (can someone say Terrible Twos!?), the pickiest eater I have ever encountered, and is a ball of energy - going from 8 am to 10 pm without a nap! Don't judge us, we're having sleep issues. Lack of naps is only the beginning. He's currently sleeping in our bed every night, and has been for several months. Like I said, don't judge!

The last we checked, which was sometime last month, Cael weighed in (at home) at 31 pounds, and measured about 36 inches tall. Both of these are around the 60th percentile, which I'm happy about. Considering the boy doesn't eat anything good! And it's not without us trying. Basically, all he wants to eat nowadays is cereal, cookies, pancakes and pasta. More recently, we tried the Dannon drinkable yogurt, which he loves. So I'm happy he's getting some nutrition from that. We were giving him Pediasure for a while, but it made his poop green, and seemed to give him gas issues.

Speaking of poop, we started back cloth diapering a few months ago. Money has been tight, and we were out of disposable diapers, so we just started using the cloth diapers. However, we switched back to disposables about 2 weeks ago because Cael's bowels have been completely and utterly uncontrollable. Probably from his poor diet. So that made changing disposable diapers disgusting and difficult.

Matt is still a stay-at-home dad. Am amazing SAHD, might I add. He's applied to so many jobs over the past several months, and finally heard back from a local Post Office. We'll see how that goes. As for me, work is going great. I love my job and what I do with such passion, and I'm so happy I've been given the opportunity to get back into it. I'm finally feeling like I'm fitting in where I work. It's taken a while, but I guess that's to be expected when you move to a completely new place, and join a team that's been established for a while. Either way, I'm finally feeling like I'm part of the "team".