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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cuddles And Face Slaps

In a previous post I had mentioned that both Cael and I were healthy again. Well, I didn't know it then, but that is not exactly true. I brought Cael back to the doctor on Tuesday because I was pretty sure his ear infection didn't go away. While Skyping with my mom, Cael was being really fussy, and crying his pain cry. My mom asked me if his ear was bothering him, and I said that I didn't think so, because he's been done with his antibiotic for a few days. She told me to gently press on his ear; I did, and he screamed bloody murder. That was my answer. Apparently, the antibiotic didn't work, and his ear was still bothering him. The might also explain the frequent wakings at night.

It was too late on Monday to call his pediatrician, so I called first thing Tuesday morning, and got him in at 11. As it turned out, poor Cael had a double ear infection, with his right side (originally the ear not affected) being worse than the left. Cael was given a script for Omnicef, another antibiotic. Hopefully this one will do the trick. The pediatrician also advised us to have Cael sleep on an incline at night, so that his ears could drain. The hope is that it would cause him to wake up less during the night because of the pain. He suggested having him sleep in a swing, the car seat, or propping his mattress up on an incline with blankets or pillows. Now, having a baby sleep on an incline goes against the guidelines of sleeping infants, and preventing SIDS. Unfortunately, having two moms in my online mom group that have lost their children to SIDS, it made me very nervous. Luckily, even after propping an end of the mattress up with a pillow, the sensor pad still worked. I was worried about sleeping at night and naps without it on, but I was relieved that it worked.

Since the appointment was a "sick visit", Cael was weighed with his clothes on - including socks and shoes (not that those makes that big of a difference). He weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces, but the pediatrician, who did the weighing, said that was too heavy, and estimated him to be about 15 pounds after subtracting the weight of his clothes and diaper. He needed an accurate estimation for the dosage of his antibiotic.

There have been several mornings where I would leave Cael in the bed with me after his very early morning feeding. He'd fall asleep while nursing, as would I. We'd cuddle, and I love every moment of it. However, he lets me know when he's awake. He'll either chat away and wake me up, or continuously slap me in the face until I open my eyes and look at him. Sometimes he'll grab chunks of my face, trying to get some kind of response from me. And when I do finally open my eyes and acknowledge him, he gives me the biggest grin. It just melts my heart, and I love every moment of that bonding time. Even if he does scratch me with a sharp fingernail. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Weeks Old!

Lil' munchkin is 25 weeks old today. As I write this, he is on his 2nd nap of the day. He's been napping really well during the day, and I'm thankful for that - especially since he's getting up frequently at night. He'll sleep anywhere from 1.5 -3 hours during his naps. This allows me to get things done around the house, which is nice. I'm glad we've developed some kind of routine during the day. He'll usually take his first nap about 2 hours after he's woken up in the morning. And then another about 2-3 hours after he's woken up from that nap. Then usually around 5 or 6 in the evening, he'll take another nap. If he doesn't, he's majorly cranky!

Cael's finally getting some eyebrows in! It's exciting, because he didn't have any visible eyebrows up until. He's also getting "more" hair, too. I put more in quotation marks, because he's still bald, but you can see some fuzz coming in. It looks like his hair is going to be light brown, like me. I'm still holding out hope that he'll have some red in his hair, but it's not likely.

Diaper changes now require me to eat my Wheaties before hand. They're getting more and more difficult. Cael is constantly wiggling and rolling around on the changing table. He stretches and arches his back, and he's so strong, that it's becoming difficult for me to keep him flat on his back to put a diaper on. And putting clothes on him? Forget it! Half the time, I have to dress him while he's laying on his belly, because that's where he's happiest on the changing table. It's crazy how mobile he's becoming!

I've seen this in another blog, and figured I'd steal the idea.

Things Cael Like/Loves: Eating rice cereal; the tv remote controller (we take a battery out before he noms on it, or else he'd be changing settings and channels); my cell phone; his binkabink (pacifier); his walker; being on his belly; paper/magazines; grape flavored infant Tylenol; giving kisses (he actually purses his lips when I kiss him on the lips); ice cubes in his mesh feeder

Things Cael Hates: Having his face wiped after he eats, or when he's drooling a lot (he screams); doing one thing for longer than 15 minutes (unless it's being in his walker)

The "hates" list is very short, which is good. I asked Matt what else Cael doesn't like, and those are the only 2 things we could think of.

I can't believe in one week my baby will be 6 months old (also the same day he turns 26 weeks. But 6 months is much bigger). Half a year. Where the hell did the time go!? I will admit, that I am accepting that my lil' man is getting older. I'm actually excited to start feeding him food in 2 weeks, after his 6 month pedi visit. Last month, I was upset with idea of giving him cereal because it meant he was getting older. But now that I see how much he enjoys his cereal, I'm excited to see how he'll react to fruits and veggies. He's becoming much more fun and interactive, which I think helps me accept that he's getting older. I think my whole sadness with him growing bigger comes from the idea that he'll be our only child. I won't be going through this again (most likely), so I'm trying to savor every single moment with Cael that I can.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Happenings

I started Cael on two rice cereal meals a day today. He had breakfast this morning with me at the kitchen table, and we'll have dinner tonight. Yup, you heard me right - at the kitchen table. We went out on Thursday and bought Cael a "big-boy" highchair. It's one of those space-saver chairs that attach to a kitchen chair, and it can be used from a newborn (it reclines back) to a toddler (booster seat). It was only $60, and I'm glad we got it as opposed to a regular highchair. We just don't have the room for a big clunky highchair. And after looking at them at Babies R' Us, they are indeed big and clunky. Very few fold flat anymore. So the space saver chair was the best choice for us.

Now back to the kitchen table. Matt and I bought a nice kitchen table about 4 years ago. However, we've only ever had it cleaned off enough for a few meals. Other than that, we eat in front of the tv in the living room. And when we got our sugar gliders a few years back, the kitchen table was their "cage stand". I know, real sanitary, right? Well, since Cael is starting to eat "real" food, Matt and I decided that we wanted to start eating our meals as a family at the kitchen table. I had a goal to have the kitchen table clear, and the kitchen clean enough, by the time Cael turned 6 months and was eating real "solids". But since we got the highchair, I moved that goal up to yesterday, since we didn't have any real place to put the chair. So I spend all day yesterday cleaning the kitchen. It's much neater, but we still have a ton of stuff up against the far wall that we don't have a home for yet. And it's not kitchen related stuff either.

After the construction we had done, our kitchen became a storage area for the living room stuff that we didn't have a place for in the new living room. We have a ton of electronic stuff split between two ottomans - controllers, manuals, cords, etc - and there's no where in the living room to put them, especially since we need all the room we can get in the living room with Cael. So I went through a lot of the piles of stuff, threw out 4 bags of garbage, and neatly piled everything against the far wall, where most of it was to begin with. I cleaned off the nasty kitchen table, moved it away from the far wall; cleaned off the chairs (which were also piled with stuff), and set them up at the table. I moved the sugar gliders to the living room, and voila! We have a semi-functional, eat-in kitchen. I was so happy. Although it was overwhelming with Cael being needy, and not taking his usual 2 hour nap in the morning, I got it done within 3-4 hours. It even echoes in the kitchen now. So for the first time last night, we ate as a family at the kitchen table. Cael ate first, and then Matt and I ate, with Cael still in his high chair. It was a wonderful feeling.

When we bought Cael's highchair, we also bought our Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Squeeee! It was on sale at BRU (2011 model - but who cares!?) for $199, so Matt said we should just get it now. We'll still be using the infant car seat, as I've said in a previous post, but it will be nice to have a light-weight stroller that's easy to maneuver, for quick trips and walks. Yes, we ended up spending a lot of money at BRU, because we also had to buy some sleep sacks after the mice ruined Cael's (that's another story), but we're finally a little ahead financially, so we had the money to spend. For once in a very long time. Yes, I also bought the expensive monitor last week, but that didn't come directly out of our bank account, so that's a little different. Plus, I still don't regret that buy, because I'm in love with this monitor.

The BJCM stroller we got is the orange and black one. They had a Jeep Liberty stroller that Matt and I really liked the looks up, but it was so HEAVY! And it was clunky and awkward when you folded it up. Matt picked it up while it was folded, and I took it from him, asking how heavy it was at the same time. He completely let go, and I couldn't even hold it. That was a no-go. The CM weighs a mere 16 pounds, and folds up with the pull of one handle in the seat. Ah.Maze.Ing. I'm in love! It's still a little big for Cael, since the shoulder straps at their lowest setting are still too much above his shoulders. But I'm glad we got it, and for a lower price than it usually goes for.

Cael and I are finally both healthy, and pink eye free! He finished his antibiotic last night, so I'm assuming his ear infection is now gone as well. And luckily, no one at my moms house got sick from me either. With my mom, any illness like the cold I had goes right to her chest, and usually turns into pneumonia, so I'm happy she didn't get it. I'm also still taking the Fenugreek for my supply. Now that I'll be giving Cael cereal twice a day, I have to have enough milk to feed Cael, pump for a stash, and have to make his cereal. And without the Fenugreek, I feel like my supply starts to decrease again. But you would think with Cael getting up at least twice a night to eat, my supply would kick-start. But I guess not. I just hope that Cael starts to gain some weight now that he'll be getting cereal twice a day.

I haven't heard back yet about the job I interviewed for. It was a week this past Thursday, but I didn't want to call just yet. She said that she had some other interviews to do, so I didn't want to be pushy or annoying, especially if she didn't have any answers yet. Hopefully I'll hear something this week coming up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

24 Weeks Old!

I love the way Cael laughs, and smiles at me. He is just Mr. Personality these days. He can now sit for long periods of time, unassisted, without falling over. And if he starts to lean or fall back, he's usually able to correct himself. Because of this, I've started sitting him up in the bath, too. He loves it, because he can play with all his floating bath toys. I'm sure he'll be splashing soon enough!

I think we've gotten to the point where we will be leaving the infant car seat in the car, and carrying Cael to the car. I know he is slightly lacking in the weight department, but the car seat with Cael in it has become too heavy for me to be lugging to and from the car. Add to that the heavy diaper bag on my shoulder, and I am struggling. I love our infant car seat, and we're not ready for a convertible seat yet, so this is the best solution. We don't have a regular stroller yet, so we'll continue to use the Snap'N'Go stroller. I think I can manage to hoist the seat in and out of the car to snap it into the stroller frame. When we get rid of the infant car seat, we'll have to buy a stroller. Preferably the City Mini.

A friend of mine gave me a Sassy mesh eater-thing that you can put fresh fruit and veggies in, and they can mush and eat it through the mesh holder. We used it for the first time yesterday, but with ice cubes in it (obviously, because we haven't started solids yet). He seemed to like it, but after 10 minutes he seemed done with it. We'll have to try it again. I can't wait to see how he reacts to it when he starts eating fruits and veggies.

We started Cael on rice cereal again on Valentine's Day. So that's 6 days ago. So far, no rash. I'm so happy it wasn't the rice cereal giving him a rash. He LOVES his rice cereal. I started it out kind of watery at first, and now I'm making it a little thicker. It's so cute, because he now opens his mouth for the spoon, and cries when it's all gone. We'll probably be starting fruits and veggies in a few weeks, after his 6 month appointment. After going back and forth between Baby-Led Weaning and pureed baby food, I think the best option for us will be the pureed food. Of course I'm going to ask the pediatrician's opinion about it, but I have a feeling he will favor the puree's, since it's the most common option.

Tonight is also the 6th night that we've been using the AngelCare monitor. So far, no false alarms, and I'm sleeping sounder. Well, sleeping better not worrying about him, anyway. He's been getting up twice a night to eat, and then up for the day anywhere between 6:30am and 7:30am. Last night, he was up from 1:45am to 3:30am, fussing. He just would not go to sleep no matter what. So we went into the living room, as to not wake Matt, put him into the walker, and turned on Nick Jr. Hopefully he gets past this phase quickly, because I'm exhausted. And I'm going to (hopefully) need all the sleep I can get.

I had a job interview this past Thursday. I think it went really well, and I'm actually excited to (hopefully) start working again. It's for a per diem position, but it's better than nothing. The lady that interviewed me said that she had some other candidates to interview, but to not get discouraged by that, because she'll probably have to hire more than one person to get the coverage she needs. It works for me. One of the perks is that the hospital is 2 miles away from our house, which is an amazingly small commute compared to what I was driving to work. Hopefully I'll hear sometime this week, one way or another.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cael Is Sick :(

We were supposed to take Cael to the pediatrician tomorrow for a well visit weight check, but I couldn't wait that long. On Sunday night, I noticed that Cael's left eye was looking a little watery, and slightly pink. But there was no discharge, or swelling. So I decided to wait it out, and see what came of it. Then on Monday, he started coughing, and I noticed some gunk, or discharge, forming in his left eye. I knew he had pink eye, and it was time to call the doctor. Especially with the coughing. I was afraid he would get congested like me. By that time on Monday, though, it was too late to call. So I called first thing in the morning yesterday (Tuesday), and they got me an appointment for 1:00. They would weigh him then, instead of having to return again Thursday.

As it turns out, Cael does have pink eye in his left eye, and to my surprise and guilt, otitis media of his left ear. He had gotten his first ear infection. I was shocked when he said that, because I wasn't expecting that. I felt so bad, because I had no idea how long he had it for. He had been cranky and sleeping poorly at night, and now it all makes sense. He was in pain. :( So I have to give hims Amoxicillin ("Bubble Gum medicine" as I used to call it) for the ear infection, and Erythromycin antibiotic eye ointment for the pink eye. My poor Little Man.

Now onto his weight. He weighed in at 14 pounds 6 ounces. He's in the same percentile as he was last time, and gained only 15 ounces over the last month. That's 1/2 ounce a day, and the pediatrician said he should be gaining 1 ounce a day. Now, regarding the percentiles. It turns out he's actually not in the 5th percentile, but instead just below the 25th percentile. They never told me the actual percentile at the last appointment; only that he had dropped off his curve. I had said he was in the 5th percentile, because the app on my phone put his weight at the 5th percentile. It had given me accurate percentiles (compared to the pediatrican) from the time he was born, until 2 months, so I assumed it would continue to be accurate. So I guess he's not in the 5th percentile, but just under the 25th. It's not as big a drop as I thought, so I don't know why the pediatrician is so concerned. He looks healthy, and his length is keeping up on the charts.

So anyway, I told the pediatrician about my supply issue, and that was probably why Cael was having problems eating around 4 months old. I told him that I felt I corrected it with supplements and pumping. He then looked at the chart and saw his weight, and he replied with, "Uhh..are you sure you did?" I felt like complete crap after that comment, but I know that wasn't the intention of the pediatrician. (But this morning, I pumped 5.5 ounces combined in one session, so I know my supply is coming back up.) As I was getting Cael dressed, I flat out asked him if he was concerned about his weight. He immediately replied with a hesitant, as to not upset me, "Yea." I started crying right there, and he tried to reassure me that sometimes babies just take some time to gain, and that the cereal should help put some weight on him. He also said that he looks great, and that he'll be fine, but I couldn't help but feel like a horrible mother. He goes back next month for his 6 month appointment/shots, and for another weight check. Hopefully the cereal does help him gain some weight by then.

We started the rice cereal again last night as a test to see if he's really allergic, or if that rash was just a fluke. If he does get a rash, we'll stop the rice cereal, and give him either oatmeal cereal or cream of wheat.

In light of another Sweet Pea unexpectedly passing away due to SIDS, I bought a new monitor. We needed a new one anyway, but I never thought I'd get the one I did. I went and spent $300 on it, but it's a movement, sound and video monitor. It's the AngelCare Deluxe movement, video and sound monitor. The whole enchilada. I needed the security that I'm doing everything possible to keep my son safe, even if it meant spending an insane amount of money on a baby monitor. It has the sensor for under the mattress, which detects if the slightest movement, such as breathing, stops. I'm pleasantly impressed with it, and shocked that it detects Cael's subtle breathing movements. There's a pendant that moves on the touch, color screen that lets you know he's moving/breathing. It also has a 2 way speaker so I can talk to him, and monitors the temperature in his room. It will alert you if the temperature gets too high or low. I put the monitor on our Babies R' Us credit card because we didn't have the money to spend on it, but I had absolutely no buyers remorse after purchasing it. I love it, and love that I can see him sleeping on the monitor. Definitely the greatest investment yet.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow! It's for a per diem general ultrasound position at a hospital 2 miles away from me. It's the perfect location, being so close to home. If I'm going to work per diem and use childcare (almost impossible to get per diem child care at a daycare), there are only certain days I can work. My friend S can watch Cael on Wednesday's and Friday's, and Matt can watch him on Thursday's, up until November. And then there are Saturday evenings and Sunday's until 4. Hopefully we can work out a schedule for me. I'm feeling a while slew of emotions: I'm happy, nervous, excited and sad. My last official job interview was for a grocery store, so I feel like I may mess up on some answers to questions. Plus, I haven't performed a general ultrasound study in about a year and half. I hope that's not a deciding factor. I'm nervous about scanning general studies, but I'm confident that after a few days, it will all come back to me - like riding a bike. I hope, anyway.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy First Valentine's Day!

It's Cael's first Valentine's Day today, so I decided to, once again, attempt to take themed photos. I'm very excited about these, and I think they came out great! Matt said they do look professional-ish (my term, not his), so I was happy to hear that. This little boy has my entire heart, and I love him so much.

We've Lost Another Sweet Pea

Another Sweet Pea passed away yesterday, at 5.5 months old. He was found blue and unresponsive during his nap at daycare. I just can't believe this has happened to our group again. We've lost 2 babies within one month; both at daycare; and both while napping. We're a large group of women, but I don't think large enough to have the odds that much against us. It's just not fair. I was looking through all his pictures on Facebook, and he was such a happy baby. Always smiling. This is just not right. I can't even imagine. Just when I started feeling better about Cael sleeping in his crib, and keeping my anxiety down during naps. I'm just in shock. That's 3 babies in 4 months that we lost. Baby D, Baby Z and now Baby E. I hope they're all playing together, watching down on their Mommy's and Daddy's.

May you rest in peach, Baby E. You were taken too soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 Months Old!!

(And also 22 weeks old)

I'm writing this a little late in the week, but better late than never is what I always say. At 5 months old, Cael has been developing by leaps and bounds! I previously thought that he was interested in the world around him, and thought his excitement of all things around him was amazing. But this past week, he has amazed me even further (which I'm starting to realize will continually happen). Even more than before, he is reaching for EVERYTHING! But with both hands now. He realized that he can reach and grab for things by using both hands, and bringing them together. He started doing that early this week. He's getting quick too! Plates of food, mugs of hot tea, pens, wires, his toys, blankets. Everything. He just wants to grab it and put it in his mouth. His fine motor skills are developing nicely, too. He is now able to pick up his pacifier from wherever it is, and if it's not oriented correctly, turn it around, and put it in his mouth. It's just incredible how much he's developing, and how quickly.

His weight, on the other hand, is still staggering. I weighed him naked yesterday (February 10), and he weighed exactly 14 pounds. A little over a week ago on the 1st, he weighed 14.3 pounds. I used an app on my phone to track diapers and feedings (yes, still), and it has a growth chart in it. It's been pretty accurate compared to the pediatrician's chart. He moved up a little on the chart last week, but now that he's at an even 14 pounds, he's at the 5th percentile again. I was having a major loss in my milk supply, but that did get better with the pumping and supplements. So I know he is getting more milk than previously. He goes to the pediatrician next Thursday for a weight check, so I'm anxious to see how much he officially weighs, and what percentile he falls into. He was supposed to go this past Thursday, but we couldn't make it for reasons I'll get into later.

As of Monday, Cael started doing something that I absolutely adore. He reaches for me now. I LOVE this so much. It let's me know he loves me, needs me and wants me. As selfish as this sounds, I almost need this. We've been down on Long Island since Thursday the 2nd visiting my mom, and on Monday, we visited a bunch of people. One of them was Cael's great-grandpa from Matt's side. As soon as I handed Cael to him, he started screaming for me, and looking around for me. When he saw me, he actually turned his body towards me, and reached both arms out towards me. He then slightly threw his weight forward, as to lunge for me. Since then, he lunges even more. This brings me to the other thing he started doing this past week. Since the moment we came to LI, Cael became a Stage 5 Clinger. He didn't want anyone other than myself to hold him. And if they did, he would scream bloody murder, and reach for me. Especially when my mom held him, and I saw she was "hurt" by it. We kept joking that we'd put a frame around mom's face, like Skype. But finally, after a week, he did get used to mom. I was afraid it was a phase he was going through, and that he wouldn't go to Matt when we got home. But it was just because we were in a new place.

Now onto the reason that we had to miss Cael's appointment. We were supposed to go back this past Wednesday (3 days ago), but as of late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, I developed a fever. I had a headache all day Monday, and was tired, but thought it was from being out since 10 Monday morning, and running all over the place. Apparently not. I had aches, pains, chills and was freezing. Then 2 days later, on Wednesday, I got a sore throat and stuffy /tunny nose. This happened last time I was on Long Island. As soon as I got home from that trip, I got a fever, sore throat and stuffy nose. However, this time was slightly different. On Thursday afternoon, after Cael and I woke up from a nap, I noticed I had a crusty eyebooger in the inside corner of my left eye. Well, long story short, I had pink eye. Yes, for the first time since elementary school, I had pink eye. By the end of the day, i had pink eye in both eyes. My fever also broke that morning, so I though I would be going home Friday. But after telling Matt, he said to stay longer if I needed too, that he didn't want to get sick. So another few days I was a staying.

Then on Friday morning, Cael developed a fever of 101.3. With swollen, painful eyes (but no fever!), I gave Cael infant Tylenol. It worked wonders, and he was feeling himself shortly after. But it was a pajama day for him, that's for sure. His fever only lasted for yesterday, and this morning, the swelling mess that was my left eye was all better! It was still a little red, but no more gunk. My right eye was still a little gunky and definitely swollen, but as the day wore on, the swelling went away. Currently, as I write this, my eyes feel about 95% better, and Cael and I are going home tomorrow.I cant wait to see Matt, and for Matt to see all the new things Cael can do now.

There's some speculation as to where I got the pink eye from. My siblings joked that someone farted in my face; my mom says it's because I change Cael's poopy diapers; and I say it's from when we went to the park. Who the heck knows where it came from, as long as it's going away now. AND, I hope we've taken all the precautions so that Cael doesn't get it. I think it went away so quickly because I immediately started using CVS brand Pink Eye Drops. They work wonders!

As I just mentioned, we went to the park on Tuesday. I had gone a few hours without a fever or chills, so mom suggested getting outside for a little while. It wasn't too cold out, so I suggested going to the park with Cael. This would be his first time, so I was excited, and needed to get pictures of this (of course). I sat on a swing with Cael, put him in a baby swing and pushed him, and went down the slide with him. Mom and I got a bunch of pictures and videos, so I'm happy about that. We had fun, came home, and then I felt exhausted and run down. Cael and I relaxed for the rest of the day.

Finally, we started rice cereal on the day he turned 5 months old. He loved it!! And he did so well with eating it too, and didn't make a big mess like I thought he would. However, after 2 days of rice cereal, Cael broke out with a rash on his cheeks and chin. I called the pediatrician, and it turns out he is most likely allergic to the rice cereal. We were told to stop it for a week, and then we can try again. If he gets a rash again, then it's the rice cereal. He'll have to be fed oatmeal cereal then, and we'll have to see how he does with that. I'll see if we'll try the cereal again on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shopping Big-Boy Style

So I've seen some recent pictures of babies Cael's age (from my Sweet Pea group) who have sat like a big boy or big girl in the front of the cart. So I figured since Cael has been sitting good on his own on the floor, he should be ok sitting in the cart. I figured I would try it out when I went to Walmart to go food shopping. Normally I would wear Cael in my Moby Wrap, which has been very helpful. It frees up valuable cart space by not putting his car seat in the basket part, and it frees my hands because I don't have to hold him in my arms.

I was a little nervous at first, because I didn't bring my Moby as a back-up. I was worried that he wouldn't sit, or that he wouldn't like it and start screaming and crying. And I became even more nervous when I opened up the back door of the Jeep at Walmart, and found him sleeping. I thought, "Great! Now what do I do?" I thought for a second to just forego the cart, and leave him in the car seat. But I knew once I moved the car seat, he'd wake up anyway. So I decided to start unbuckling the car seat straps, and slowly trying to wake him up. Luckily, he woke up in a happy mood, despite not taking a good nap yet at that point. I had already put the cart protector thiny (don't know what it's called) on the cart, so I just sat him in the seat part, and strapped him in.

He loved it! He loved looking around at everything, and was so well behaved. He didn't make one peep, and I loved how he would smile at me when I made goofy faces at him. Towards the end of my shopping trip, I could tell he was getting tired. He had that glassy look to his eyes, and they were red around his eyelids. He wasn't fussing, but I could tell he was on his way to dozing off. I decided to see if he would want to lay down in the seat part, and if he would even fit. So I took him out, and laid him down in the seat part. He whined a little, but only until I started moving. He held onto Sophie the Giraffe, and quickly fell asleep. He was so.stinken.cute! Very angelic. So overall, it was a successful and pleasant shopping trip. Much easier, too, with not having to worry about wrapping the Moby around me first. I have to admit, I am saddened that he is old enough to sit in the big-boy seat. He is growing right before my very eyes.