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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We've Lost Another Sweet Pea

Another Sweet Pea passed away yesterday, at 5.5 months old. He was found blue and unresponsive during his nap at daycare. I just can't believe this has happened to our group again. We've lost 2 babies within one month; both at daycare; and both while napping. We're a large group of women, but I don't think large enough to have the odds that much against us. It's just not fair. I was looking through all his pictures on Facebook, and he was such a happy baby. Always smiling. This is just not right. I can't even imagine. Just when I started feeling better about Cael sleeping in his crib, and keeping my anxiety down during naps. I'm just in shock. That's 3 babies in 4 months that we lost. Baby D, Baby Z and now Baby E. I hope they're all playing together, watching down on their Mommy's and Daddy's.

May you rest in peach, Baby E. You were taken too soon.

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