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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Happenings

I started Cael on two rice cereal meals a day today. He had breakfast this morning with me at the kitchen table, and we'll have dinner tonight. Yup, you heard me right - at the kitchen table. We went out on Thursday and bought Cael a "big-boy" highchair. It's one of those space-saver chairs that attach to a kitchen chair, and it can be used from a newborn (it reclines back) to a toddler (booster seat). It was only $60, and I'm glad we got it as opposed to a regular highchair. We just don't have the room for a big clunky highchair. And after looking at them at Babies R' Us, they are indeed big and clunky. Very few fold flat anymore. So the space saver chair was the best choice for us.

Now back to the kitchen table. Matt and I bought a nice kitchen table about 4 years ago. However, we've only ever had it cleaned off enough for a few meals. Other than that, we eat in front of the tv in the living room. And when we got our sugar gliders a few years back, the kitchen table was their "cage stand". I know, real sanitary, right? Well, since Cael is starting to eat "real" food, Matt and I decided that we wanted to start eating our meals as a family at the kitchen table. I had a goal to have the kitchen table clear, and the kitchen clean enough, by the time Cael turned 6 months and was eating real "solids". But since we got the highchair, I moved that goal up to yesterday, since we didn't have any real place to put the chair. So I spend all day yesterday cleaning the kitchen. It's much neater, but we still have a ton of stuff up against the far wall that we don't have a home for yet. And it's not kitchen related stuff either.

After the construction we had done, our kitchen became a storage area for the living room stuff that we didn't have a place for in the new living room. We have a ton of electronic stuff split between two ottomans - controllers, manuals, cords, etc - and there's no where in the living room to put them, especially since we need all the room we can get in the living room with Cael. So I went through a lot of the piles of stuff, threw out 4 bags of garbage, and neatly piled everything against the far wall, where most of it was to begin with. I cleaned off the nasty kitchen table, moved it away from the far wall; cleaned off the chairs (which were also piled with stuff), and set them up at the table. I moved the sugar gliders to the living room, and voila! We have a semi-functional, eat-in kitchen. I was so happy. Although it was overwhelming with Cael being needy, and not taking his usual 2 hour nap in the morning, I got it done within 3-4 hours. It even echoes in the kitchen now. So for the first time last night, we ate as a family at the kitchen table. Cael ate first, and then Matt and I ate, with Cael still in his high chair. It was a wonderful feeling.

When we bought Cael's highchair, we also bought our Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Squeeee! It was on sale at BRU (2011 model - but who cares!?) for $199, so Matt said we should just get it now. We'll still be using the infant car seat, as I've said in a previous post, but it will be nice to have a light-weight stroller that's easy to maneuver, for quick trips and walks. Yes, we ended up spending a lot of money at BRU, because we also had to buy some sleep sacks after the mice ruined Cael's (that's another story), but we're finally a little ahead financially, so we had the money to spend. For once in a very long time. Yes, I also bought the expensive monitor last week, but that didn't come directly out of our bank account, so that's a little different. Plus, I still don't regret that buy, because I'm in love with this monitor.

The BJCM stroller we got is the orange and black one. They had a Jeep Liberty stroller that Matt and I really liked the looks up, but it was so HEAVY! And it was clunky and awkward when you folded it up. Matt picked it up while it was folded, and I took it from him, asking how heavy it was at the same time. He completely let go, and I couldn't even hold it. That was a no-go. The CM weighs a mere 16 pounds, and folds up with the pull of one handle in the seat. Ah.Maze.Ing. I'm in love! It's still a little big for Cael, since the shoulder straps at their lowest setting are still too much above his shoulders. But I'm glad we got it, and for a lower price than it usually goes for.

Cael and I are finally both healthy, and pink eye free! He finished his antibiotic last night, so I'm assuming his ear infection is now gone as well. And luckily, no one at my moms house got sick from me either. With my mom, any illness like the cold I had goes right to her chest, and usually turns into pneumonia, so I'm happy she didn't get it. I'm also still taking the Fenugreek for my supply. Now that I'll be giving Cael cereal twice a day, I have to have enough milk to feed Cael, pump for a stash, and have to make his cereal. And without the Fenugreek, I feel like my supply starts to decrease again. But you would think with Cael getting up at least twice a night to eat, my supply would kick-start. But I guess not. I just hope that Cael starts to gain some weight now that he'll be getting cereal twice a day.

I haven't heard back yet about the job I interviewed for. It was a week this past Thursday, but I didn't want to call just yet. She said that she had some other interviews to do, so I didn't want to be pushy or annoying, especially if she didn't have any answers yet. Hopefully I'll hear something this week coming up.

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