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Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Weeks Old!

Lil' munchkin is 25 weeks old today. As I write this, he is on his 2nd nap of the day. He's been napping really well during the day, and I'm thankful for that - especially since he's getting up frequently at night. He'll sleep anywhere from 1.5 -3 hours during his naps. This allows me to get things done around the house, which is nice. I'm glad we've developed some kind of routine during the day. He'll usually take his first nap about 2 hours after he's woken up in the morning. And then another about 2-3 hours after he's woken up from that nap. Then usually around 5 or 6 in the evening, he'll take another nap. If he doesn't, he's majorly cranky!

Cael's finally getting some eyebrows in! It's exciting, because he didn't have any visible eyebrows up until. He's also getting "more" hair, too. I put more in quotation marks, because he's still bald, but you can see some fuzz coming in. It looks like his hair is going to be light brown, like me. I'm still holding out hope that he'll have some red in his hair, but it's not likely.

Diaper changes now require me to eat my Wheaties before hand. They're getting more and more difficult. Cael is constantly wiggling and rolling around on the changing table. He stretches and arches his back, and he's so strong, that it's becoming difficult for me to keep him flat on his back to put a diaper on. And putting clothes on him? Forget it! Half the time, I have to dress him while he's laying on his belly, because that's where he's happiest on the changing table. It's crazy how mobile he's becoming!

I've seen this in another blog, and figured I'd steal the idea.

Things Cael Like/Loves: Eating rice cereal; the tv remote controller (we take a battery out before he noms on it, or else he'd be changing settings and channels); my cell phone; his binkabink (pacifier); his walker; being on his belly; paper/magazines; grape flavored infant Tylenol; giving kisses (he actually purses his lips when I kiss him on the lips); ice cubes in his mesh feeder

Things Cael Hates: Having his face wiped after he eats, or when he's drooling a lot (he screams); doing one thing for longer than 15 minutes (unless it's being in his walker)

The "hates" list is very short, which is good. I asked Matt what else Cael doesn't like, and those are the only 2 things we could think of.

I can't believe in one week my baby will be 6 months old (also the same day he turns 26 weeks. But 6 months is much bigger). Half a year. Where the hell did the time go!? I will admit, that I am accepting that my lil' man is getting older. I'm actually excited to start feeding him food in 2 weeks, after his 6 month pedi visit. Last month, I was upset with idea of giving him cereal because it meant he was getting older. But now that I see how much he enjoys his cereal, I'm excited to see how he'll react to fruits and veggies. He's becoming much more fun and interactive, which I think helps me accept that he's getting older. I think my whole sadness with him growing bigger comes from the idea that he'll be our only child. I won't be going through this again (most likely), so I'm trying to savor every single moment with Cael that I can.

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