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Monday, February 20, 2012

24 Weeks Old!

I love the way Cael laughs, and smiles at me. He is just Mr. Personality these days. He can now sit for long periods of time, unassisted, without falling over. And if he starts to lean or fall back, he's usually able to correct himself. Because of this, I've started sitting him up in the bath, too. He loves it, because he can play with all his floating bath toys. I'm sure he'll be splashing soon enough!

I think we've gotten to the point where we will be leaving the infant car seat in the car, and carrying Cael to the car. I know he is slightly lacking in the weight department, but the car seat with Cael in it has become too heavy for me to be lugging to and from the car. Add to that the heavy diaper bag on my shoulder, and I am struggling. I love our infant car seat, and we're not ready for a convertible seat yet, so this is the best solution. We don't have a regular stroller yet, so we'll continue to use the Snap'N'Go stroller. I think I can manage to hoist the seat in and out of the car to snap it into the stroller frame. When we get rid of the infant car seat, we'll have to buy a stroller. Preferably the City Mini.

A friend of mine gave me a Sassy mesh eater-thing that you can put fresh fruit and veggies in, and they can mush and eat it through the mesh holder. We used it for the first time yesterday, but with ice cubes in it (obviously, because we haven't started solids yet). He seemed to like it, but after 10 minutes he seemed done with it. We'll have to try it again. I can't wait to see how he reacts to it when he starts eating fruits and veggies.

We started Cael on rice cereal again on Valentine's Day. So that's 6 days ago. So far, no rash. I'm so happy it wasn't the rice cereal giving him a rash. He LOVES his rice cereal. I started it out kind of watery at first, and now I'm making it a little thicker. It's so cute, because he now opens his mouth for the spoon, and cries when it's all gone. We'll probably be starting fruits and veggies in a few weeks, after his 6 month appointment. After going back and forth between Baby-Led Weaning and pureed baby food, I think the best option for us will be the pureed food. Of course I'm going to ask the pediatrician's opinion about it, but I have a feeling he will favor the puree's, since it's the most common option.

Tonight is also the 6th night that we've been using the AngelCare monitor. So far, no false alarms, and I'm sleeping sounder. Well, sleeping better not worrying about him, anyway. He's been getting up twice a night to eat, and then up for the day anywhere between 6:30am and 7:30am. Last night, he was up from 1:45am to 3:30am, fussing. He just would not go to sleep no matter what. So we went into the living room, as to not wake Matt, put him into the walker, and turned on Nick Jr. Hopefully he gets past this phase quickly, because I'm exhausted. And I'm going to (hopefully) need all the sleep I can get.

I had a job interview this past Thursday. I think it went really well, and I'm actually excited to (hopefully) start working again. It's for a per diem position, but it's better than nothing. The lady that interviewed me said that she had some other candidates to interview, but to not get discouraged by that, because she'll probably have to hire more than one person to get the coverage she needs. It works for me. One of the perks is that the hospital is 2 miles away from our house, which is an amazingly small commute compared to what I was driving to work. Hopefully I'll hear sometime this week, one way or another.

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