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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cael Is Sick :(

We were supposed to take Cael to the pediatrician tomorrow for a well visit weight check, but I couldn't wait that long. On Sunday night, I noticed that Cael's left eye was looking a little watery, and slightly pink. But there was no discharge, or swelling. So I decided to wait it out, and see what came of it. Then on Monday, he started coughing, and I noticed some gunk, or discharge, forming in his left eye. I knew he had pink eye, and it was time to call the doctor. Especially with the coughing. I was afraid he would get congested like me. By that time on Monday, though, it was too late to call. So I called first thing in the morning yesterday (Tuesday), and they got me an appointment for 1:00. They would weigh him then, instead of having to return again Thursday.

As it turns out, Cael does have pink eye in his left eye, and to my surprise and guilt, otitis media of his left ear. He had gotten his first ear infection. I was shocked when he said that, because I wasn't expecting that. I felt so bad, because I had no idea how long he had it for. He had been cranky and sleeping poorly at night, and now it all makes sense. He was in pain. :( So I have to give hims Amoxicillin ("Bubble Gum medicine" as I used to call it) for the ear infection, and Erythromycin antibiotic eye ointment for the pink eye. My poor Little Man.

Now onto his weight. He weighed in at 14 pounds 6 ounces. He's in the same percentile as he was last time, and gained only 15 ounces over the last month. That's 1/2 ounce a day, and the pediatrician said he should be gaining 1 ounce a day. Now, regarding the percentiles. It turns out he's actually not in the 5th percentile, but instead just below the 25th percentile. They never told me the actual percentile at the last appointment; only that he had dropped off his curve. I had said he was in the 5th percentile, because the app on my phone put his weight at the 5th percentile. It had given me accurate percentiles (compared to the pediatrican) from the time he was born, until 2 months, so I assumed it would continue to be accurate. So I guess he's not in the 5th percentile, but just under the 25th. It's not as big a drop as I thought, so I don't know why the pediatrician is so concerned. He looks healthy, and his length is keeping up on the charts.

So anyway, I told the pediatrician about my supply issue, and that was probably why Cael was having problems eating around 4 months old. I told him that I felt I corrected it with supplements and pumping. He then looked at the chart and saw his weight, and he replied with, "Uhh..are you sure you did?" I felt like complete crap after that comment, but I know that wasn't the intention of the pediatrician. (But this morning, I pumped 5.5 ounces combined in one session, so I know my supply is coming back up.) As I was getting Cael dressed, I flat out asked him if he was concerned about his weight. He immediately replied with a hesitant, as to not upset me, "Yea." I started crying right there, and he tried to reassure me that sometimes babies just take some time to gain, and that the cereal should help put some weight on him. He also said that he looks great, and that he'll be fine, but I couldn't help but feel like a horrible mother. He goes back next month for his 6 month appointment/shots, and for another weight check. Hopefully the cereal does help him gain some weight by then.

We started the rice cereal again last night as a test to see if he's really allergic, or if that rash was just a fluke. If he does get a rash, we'll stop the rice cereal, and give him either oatmeal cereal or cream of wheat.

In light of another Sweet Pea unexpectedly passing away due to SIDS, I bought a new monitor. We needed a new one anyway, but I never thought I'd get the one I did. I went and spent $300 on it, but it's a movement, sound and video monitor. It's the AngelCare Deluxe movement, video and sound monitor. The whole enchilada. I needed the security that I'm doing everything possible to keep my son safe, even if it meant spending an insane amount of money on a baby monitor. It has the sensor for under the mattress, which detects if the slightest movement, such as breathing, stops. I'm pleasantly impressed with it, and shocked that it detects Cael's subtle breathing movements. There's a pendant that moves on the touch, color screen that lets you know he's moving/breathing. It also has a 2 way speaker so I can talk to him, and monitors the temperature in his room. It will alert you if the temperature gets too high or low. I put the monitor on our Babies R' Us credit card because we didn't have the money to spend on it, but I had absolutely no buyers remorse after purchasing it. I love it, and love that I can see him sleeping on the monitor. Definitely the greatest investment yet.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow! It's for a per diem general ultrasound position at a hospital 2 miles away from me. It's the perfect location, being so close to home. If I'm going to work per diem and use childcare (almost impossible to get per diem child care at a daycare), there are only certain days I can work. My friend S can watch Cael on Wednesday's and Friday's, and Matt can watch him on Thursday's, up until November. And then there are Saturday evenings and Sunday's until 4. Hopefully we can work out a schedule for me. I'm feeling a while slew of emotions: I'm happy, nervous, excited and sad. My last official job interview was for a grocery store, so I feel like I may mess up on some answers to questions. Plus, I haven't performed a general ultrasound study in about a year and half. I hope that's not a deciding factor. I'm nervous about scanning general studies, but I'm confident that after a few days, it will all come back to me - like riding a bike. I hope, anyway.

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