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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 23

:::Hee-hee-hee-huuu::: Yup, that's right! We had our all-day birthing class today, and it was much more informative than I thought it would be. I was afraid it would focus on medicated birth and c-sections. But instead, there was a lot on natural relaxation techniques and breathing, geared towards a medication-free labor and delivery. It made for a long day, but I think it was totally worth it. We were there from 9-5pm! Needless to say, today wasn't really a "bed rest" type of day.

After the class, we had to run to Lowe's. We needed to get a new faucet for the bathroom, because the contractor said he'd replace it for us. We've been without a bathroom faucet for about 2 years now, so it will be amazing to have running water in the bathroom sink! We were surprised when the contractor said that he would replace it for us, because we didn't expect it. Hey, less for us to do! I ended up taking a Brethine right after the class, because we knew we'd be walking around a lot, and I was already feeling uncomfortable from being out all day.

We also picked out a bunch of paint ideas for the kitchen and new living room wall. Now we just have to narrow them down. We're going to wait to pick the shade of brown for Cael's nursery (bottom part of the wall will be brown, upper will remain blue) until we have the border picked out. I'm just so happy things are moving along. We'll have so much more room by next weekend!

We have a lot to do tomorrow too. We're going to wake up early to get an early start, and we'll probably be moving and organizing things all day so that the contractor has room to work. For starters, we have to move everything that's in the new living room out. That includes all of the baby stuff, and even all the stuff we got for our wedding 2 years ago. Yes, that's right. We haven't used any of our wedding gifts yet. But now we will :). Everything needs to be moved from the new living room to either Matt's parents' living room next door, or upstairs and out of the way.

Then we need to move everything from the old living room out (which will be Cael's room), and into the new living room. The contractor will be putting up the wall for the nursery first, so we have to make sure that all of the big stuff (couch, tv, tv stand) is out so we don't have to worry about fitting it through a narrow door. Come next week, when that wall is done between the nursery and kitchen, we will move all of the nursery stuff into the nursery to get that out of the way. Then when the wall is done for the new living room, we will move everything back into there. It's confusing, but all should take only about 3 days. I'm so excited!

:::Keep growing strong, Cael!:::

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