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Monday, July 25, 2011

Bed Rest - Days 24 & 25

Bed rest? What bed rest. ::::shhhh..don't tell my midwife:::: I hardly feel rested after these last few days. Yesterday, we (well, Matt) spent the entire day moving furniture out of the new living room (which consisted of all the baby stuff we got, as well as some things that belonged to his parents), and moving all our living room furniture out of our old living room and into the "new" one. The contractor is starting tomorrow at 7:00am with the construction, so we needed the living room empty - he's starting on Cael's room first by building the wall. Once he's done with that, he'll probably start working on the wall between the kitchen and new living room, making an archway where the apartment door is. Then he'll probably finish by building the wall to close off the living room from the rest of the house, and sheet-rocking the two closets.

Matt did so much work yesterday, and moved and cleaned so much - I'm so thankful. We currently don't have a functioning living room, but that's ok - it will only be for a few days. We have our bedroom, lap top and Netflix, so we are set :). Today, my job was to clean the bathroom because the contractor is also replacing our bathroom faucet for us - something we didn't think he would do. I'll be brutally and disgustingly honest - I have not given our bathroom a full cleaning...well, ever I think. Right now, it's probably cleaner than it was when we first moved in. :::cowers in embarrassment:::

I also have to do the dishes, which I will start in a little bit, because cleaning the bathroom took me 2 hours, and I was on my hands and knees (so much for bed rest, huh?). Luckily, I didn't start having contractions or anything, so that is good. We also have to kind of clean up and organize the remaining "junk" we have in Cael's soon-to-be-nursery, because it's not entirely empty. It's amazing how much crap 2 people can accumulate! Needless to say, it was quite dusty, and I'm paying for it now with my allergies. They're absolutely horrendous!

Tomorrow I have my breastfeeding class, so I'm excited about that. I believe Laureen will be coming with me, so it should be a good time. I'm looking forward to it, because I really want to be successful at breastfeeding.

Well, it's getting later in the day (currently 4:20), and I have some more things I want to get done before Matt gets home, related to cleaning. I will update tomorrow.

:::I can't wait to organize your nursery!:::

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