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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 10, 11 & 12

So it's been a while since I posted any updates here. Well, a while considering I'm home all day now. In general, I'm feeling ok. I honestly think I'm starting to do too much out of boredom. Meaning, getting up and walking around too much. But hopefully that will stop, because I had a bunch of things I had to get done - repair paperwork (for my Jeep), disability paperwork, etc - that I needed to complete and fax out. That's all done for the most part now, so I've been trying to remain conscience about how much I'm doing every day. Other than that, I'm still having lower pelvic twinges (today is my last day of being on Cipro..hmm), and contractions, but nothing consistent.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Matt took apart the back of the dryer to clean it out. For the longest time, it took about 2 cycles through the dryer to fully dry the clothes. We've been meaning to take off the back, and clean out all the built up lint for a while now, but never got around to it. Saturday, I brought up how I'll have to start washing Cael's clothes soon, so Matt took the hint. I helped him with that (and I probably shouldn't have), but I didn't do too much. He took off the back of the dryer, and was on the floor vacuuming everything out. I just held the garbage bag, and cleaned out the vacuum canister when it got too full. I felt I needed to do something. Needless to say, the dryer works much better now!

Later in the afternoon, Matt's brother and sister-in-law came by for a visit. She's 6 weeks ahead of me, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little girl Briley. If she doesn't go into labor on her own this week, she'll be induced on Saturday. It's so exciting! She will be Matt's first niece, and I can't wait to have a baby around to prepare me :). We had BBQ for dinner, and then later the whole family made S'mores outside. It was an action-packed day (for me, anyway), and I definitely felt it.

Monday was eventful as well. I got up at around 9:30 (I'm sleeping later, because I either can't fall asleep at night, or I'm up at all hours of the night), finished my Thank You notes (woohoo!! Finally!), put stamps on them, filled out my disability paperwork (that in itself was stressful enough to put me into PTL!), and then went to Matt's work to utilize his fax machine.

I thought I had to have my supervisor fill out a part of the paperwork, so I faxed it to her at work, and waited for her to fax it back. While I was waiting, I went to the post office (mind you, Matt's work is literally a minute away, and the PO is only 5 minutes away) to mail my Elfster gift, and pick up stamps for the Thank You notes. After a 15 minute wait at the PO, I went back to Matt's work. There was nothing faxed back. At this point, I was exhausted (it was only about 11:30am), so I decided to just go home, and wait for Matt to tell me I got the form back.

I was waiting because after I got that form back, I needed to fax that and 5 additional pages to my OB's office for them to fill out their part. The sooner I get this disability paperwork processed, the sooner I'll start receiving my disability payments. My last paycheck will be this Thursday, and that one will only be half of what I normally get. The disability paperwork was a real hassle to fill out, so I'm happy it's done at this point.

That brings me to about 2:50pm. I'm on the couch, getting ready to blog while watching a show on MTV, and the power just goes off. I figure it's because of the hot weather outside, so I don't think anything of it. I waited about 5 minutes, and it never came back on, so I made my way upstairs to see if Matt's parents were home to see if they could call the electric company. On my way upstairs, I slowly noticed that there is power on around me - the kitchen radio is on, lights are on, etc. I realized that only our apartment has no power.

Long story short, it turns out the electric bill for the apartment wasn't paid for 2 months, so they came and turned our power off. I won't go into the logistics, but just know that this was of no fault of ours. After calls were made to the company, and the bill paid in full, we were informed that it could take 1-3 days for the power to be turned back on! Great - I'm home on bed rest, and I have no power to my apartment.

Tuesday (today) was a much better day. I had bad heartburn last night again, but not the worst. It still kept me up though, along with the lack of background white noise. It's hard for me to fall asleep without any noise (fan, air purifier) going in the background. Otherwise, my ears pick up on every little noise and creak, and I can't fall asleep. Last night, it was the sound of Killian licking himself disgustingly right outside our bedroom door.

I had Matt mail out my Thank You notes in the morning when he left for work, so I felt accomplished with that. I then called my HR again, to double check what sections of the paperwork needed to be filled out my supervisor. Turns out, NOTHING! Duh! So I went back to Matt's work to use his fax machine, and I had him fax everything to my doctors office for them to fill out. Hopefully, it doesn't take them too long to fill everything out and get it back to my HR. I'm going to call in the morning to make sure they got all the paperwork.

After being at Matt's work for the 2nd day in a row, he yelled at me to go home and rest, like I'm supposed to be doing. Everything that needed to be faxed was faxed, so now I needed to take it easy. And that's where I've been ever since I got home. Resting on the couch, catching up on The Bump, and blogging. I'll probably go outside and relax in the pool too. Like I've said before, it feels great to float weightlessly.

On a good note, our power was restored this morning at 11:00am! I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, I had already made a call (an embarrassing call) this morning to my OB/Gyn to hopefully have them help us get the power turned on sooner. The power company said that we could be bumped up to a higher priority to get our power back on if there was a medical need; and if a physician called to verify there was a medical need. I had to explain the whole embarrassing situation to the lady who answered the phone, and then had to wait for my MW's nurse to call me back. She didn't call me back until just a little while ago (about an hour after the power was restored), and I told her that we didn't need them to call. I guess she didn't get the message that I called and that we had power, so she didn't need to call me back. I certainly felt like a pain in the ass patient today, that's for sure.

That brings me to currently. I'm thinking I'm going to go float in the pool for a little while, just to do something. I still have to write 2 more Thank You notes out, but they're special ones to my sister-in-law and mother, who threw the shower for me. I'll either do that later tonight, or tomorrow.

I've also been thinking about how we'll set up Cael's nursery when the construction is finished. I'm getting overwhelmed with the thought of the construction finally happening. I guess we've been waiting for so long, and the idea of Cael being here early are all contributing to me becoming anxious. I just can't imagine our apartment looking nice and "finished". But it will nice to have the nursery done at least a few weeks before Cael gets here, so that I can still nest.

We'll still have so much to do after the construction is finished, and maybe that's also why I'm overwhelmed. We will need to paint both the nursery and new living room wall, as well as the new wall that will be facing the kitchen. Matt will also have to lay the new flooring down throughout the living room and into the kitchen. Not to mention build all the furniture, and set everything up. My brain is just swirling!

Finally, I must say that Cael has been constantly moving! He is doing beautifully, from what I can tell. I'm so happy he's very strong.

That's all for now. I think I've written enough :)

:::Keep growing strong, Cael:::

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