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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bed Rest - Days 28 & 29

Thursday, 28th

Four weeks of bed rest has been completed by the end of today! I can't believe it, and I'm actually quite surprised at how quickly the time has gone by. Thank you Facebook and The Bump!

Today was day 3 of construction. Although visually it didn't look like much got done by the end of the day, there truly was. All the rocking was finished, and some of the mudding was done. Also, the two closets took the longest to rock, so that took up some time. We had a weekly ob appointment, so we were gone most of the morning, and returned after lunch. When we got back, all of the above mentioned was done, as was rock repairs in Cael's nursery. There were some pretty bad areas of missing or lumpy sheet-rock on the walls, and I'm surprised they fixed them all. The walls now look like they have white chicken-pox, but I'm grateful it will all be repaired, smooth and ready to paint.

Initially, we were just going to keep the blue the same as it was on the upper part of the wall, and then just paint the lower part a shade of brown. However, Matt and I didn't think that through too well, because we forgot there was a new wall going up, as well as a door. Duh! That new wall has to be painted anyway, and that paint is from 5 years ago, and I doubt it will be any good. That is, if we still have it somewhere. I'm happy about it though, because recently I starting hinting to Matt that I wanted to repaint the whole room as opposed to only the bottom half, and choose a different color blue. Now we can, and we can pick a blue that will match the blue in the wallpaper border we ordered. Which, by the way, should be coming on Friday!

My appointment went well. It was actually the easiest, quickest and least times I've been poked in an appointment ever - type of appointment. Caels' heart rate was 130, I got my progesterone shot, and that's about all that was checked. She is happy with the progress I've made (or rather, lack of progress), and that I have so far made it to 34 weeks 5 days. Her original goal was to get me to 35 weeks, so she's happy now and more relaxed. The other midwife I see wants to get me to 36 weeks, so either or. The midwife I saw said I can slowly start to increase my activities over the next week! This is perfect, because we'll have a nursery to paint and work on by early next week.

She still doesn't want him born yet, but I think she'd be comfortable if he was, because he's not considered too early at this point. When asked about having sex/orgasms, she was a little hesitant to say yes, so I know she's still being cautious. She asked if we could wait until Sunday, in which I'll be 35 weeks 1 day, and we said of course. It's been longer than 4 weeks already (for me anyway), so what's a few more days?

Friday, 29th

Today started off with some anxiety over the construction. We figured they'd be sanding today, so that's what set me off. The idea of getting rock dust all over everything started me going. I even cried after Matt left for work. It just overwhelms me to think of how messy it's going to get, and I know rock dust stays around for a couple days, even after cleaning it up. However, it turns out that they will probably not be sanding today, but instead tomorrow. They still have to finish mudding, and let that dry completely before sanding.

So that's what they've been working on since this morning. First, they covered all the corners of rock with a metal covering that was nailed on. I always wondered how they got smooth corners. That took about an hour to do, because there were a lot of corners. Then they started on mudding. It's coming along very nicely, and finishes off the edges nicely, so you can get an idea of what it will really look like without the visible screws and raw edges. Once they are done with the mudding, it will probably be around lunch time, so they'll take a break.

Once back from lunch, the mud will probably still be wet, so I hope they'll start working on the exterior doors. They're both crooked and hung wrong, and one doesn't even latch closed, so it will be nice to have working outside doors for a change.

Other than that, that's all going on today. I want to go to Babies R' Us to get some diapers, because they're having a sale on Pampers, and some other stuff we still need for the nursery, but I'll probably stay home. I woke up sore and tired this morning, so I think I'll just stay put on the couch today. Matt's computer plays BluRay movies, so maybe I'll finally get around to watching the last Shrek movie. I think Matt got it for me for Christmas, and it's still in the plastic wrapper.

I also should really write my last Thank You note to my sister-in-law, who threw my shower. I know, I know. Talk about procrastination. I saved hers for last, because it's on a different card, and it's going to take me longer to write. I should really make myself write that card before I do anything else, so that I can mail it tomorrow morning. I don't know why I've waited so long - I have no reason. My other Thank You's went out about 3 weeks ago! I've got to get on top of it, and just finish it so it's done.

I'll leave you with a picture of a face that Matt had to draw on my belly. It's kind of cute, really. He used my semi-sticking out belly button for a nose. And here is a video of Cael moving around.

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