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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 6

I didn't get much sleep last night. I was awake at 3:15am, got up to go to the bathroom, and laid back down in bed to go back to sleep. Except, I couldn't fall asleep. It's like I wasn't tired all of a sudden. To try and pass the time, and make me tired, I went on Facebook on my phone, and played Angry Birds. Before I knew it, it was 5:30am, and I had to pee again. When I got up this time, it was daylight outside. Wonderful. I peed, and got back into bed where I suddenly felt tired. I think I eventually fell back asleep around 5:45am. I woke up at 9:15 when Matt texted me to let me know that he was able to get off on Friday to take me to my appointment. I was really happy about that.

He wasn't going to be able to get a day off work this week because the other manager will be away on vacation, so he was going to have to work all week. However, he was able to talk to one of the higher-up managers, and they will be having someone cover that day for him so he can be with me. My sister-in-law was going to originally take me so I wouldn't have to go by myself, and I appreciate that very much, but I'm relieved that Matt will be going.

I am in a somber mood today. I guess my moods change with the days. My family is upstate camping, about 1 hour and 15 minutes away. When my mom and the kids camp, they usually go for a week or two, if not longer, and we were going to go up there for the 4th until I was put on bed rest. Well, a few days ago, my mom said that she, my step-dad and the kids would come up to visit me, and I was thrilled. I haven't seen them since my shower 3 weeks ago, and I figured it's be a nice way to pass the day by hanging out with my family.

My mom texted me this morning, telling me that they probably weren't going to be coming. She later called me, and said she wasn't feeling well herself, and she didn't want to stress me out with everyone and the dogs being here. Of course it wouldn't stress me out, but make me happy to see everyone, but I understand. Mom said she wanted to wait and see what my midwife says on Friday, and that they'll be camping for a while longer, so maybe sometime this weekend or next week they would come visit me.

So what to do today? I really should get off the computer and write out my Thank You's. I didn't get to that yesterday, and I should do it today. I also need to send out my card to one of the ladies on the Bump. I'm part of a card exchange for the Bumpies who got some not so good news at their ultrasounds. I think I'm actually behind with sending the card out, so I have to get on that too, and send it out tomorrow.

Until later...

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