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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 22

So today was a good day. This is probably because I slept through the entire night last night - something that hasn't happened in a long time. I decided to give in, and take a Zantac 150 before I went to bed, hoping it would work. I stopped it a few months ago because it wasn't helping anymore, so I figured why keep taking it. Well, I did not wake up once uncomfortable, or with heartburn. I slept right until 9:30 this morning, and only woke up for a minute when Matt was getting dressed for work. Definitely amazing!

I also had an appointment and ultrasound today, so I was anxious about that. I'm surprised I slept at all, actually. And everything looks PERFECT! My cervix is stable at 2 cm, and it's still closed. I am so relieved. I was fearing the worst, and was having images in my head of it being funneled and only 1 cm long. I am so happy that wasn't the case.

Cael also looked perfect..as I expected. My fluid measured 16 cm, which is great; his heart rate was 132 bpm, also great; and Cael is an estimated 5 pounds 3 ounces, and in the 63rd percentile still. Absolutely beautiful. He's also still on my right side, which is probably why I'm so uncomfortable. With him being on my right side completely, it pushes up on my liver - squishing that - which then pushes up into my lungs. Definitely a reason to be uncomfortable.

Because of my progesterone shot being due on Tuesday, they made my next appointment on Tuesday. However, I think it's dumb for me to go in on Tuesday, because then only 4 days have gone by since my last appointment. Plus, I liked my Thursday/Friday appointments, because Matt could go to the ones on Thursday at least. So I plan on calling the office on Monday and asking if the shot has to be given every 7 days, or if it can be 9 days for just this one time. If it can, then I'm going to reschedule my appointment to Thursday, and do everything then. If not, I'll have to figure out what to do.

We have our breastfeeding class at 6pm on Tuesday, and my appointment is at 2:45. That's a long time to wait between the two. Plus, Matt can't get off work that early for my appointment. So at this point, I have no idea what to do. ALSO, we have to have someone home on Tuesday evening because :::drum roll please::: construction starts on Tuesday!!!

I'm so excited. I thought it would never start! So we'll have a nursery to start setting up next weekend!! So I'm thinking of having Matt's mom come with me to the breastfeeding class (Matt would love that, since he doesn't want to go), and Matt can still leave early and come home for the construction. In the end, a 2:45 appointment just won't work on Tuesday.

We have our all day birthing class tomorrow, from 9-5:30. It's going to be a long day day, but well worth it. We're then going to go to Lowe's after, and buy paint for the new living room and kitchen. We have to pick out a border for the Cael's nursery before we pick out a shade of brown to paint the bottom part of the wall, so that can wait until Monday. I'm just so excited! It's going to be a busy next week couple of weeks. Hopefully Cael decides to stay put until at least the nursery is done.

:::You're looking perfect, baby:::

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