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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 4 & 5

Day 4 - July 4th

Today was a pretty restful day, despite the holiday. Matt and I ended up sleeping in until about 10:45am, which hasn't happened for a long time. We spent most of the day lounging on the couch, watching the Travel Channel's Food Paradise, which made me crave everything from ice cream to hamburgers. Matt was a great help in vacuuming (he did a better job than me - but I can't reach those cobwebs up high!) and doing the dishes. Ok, ok - so he lugged all our dishes upstairs, and used his parents dishwasher, but he did make 2 trips and put away all the dishes. They're done, so that's all I need to be happy. We eventually made our way upstairs when his brother and sister-in-law got here. We had some amazing BBQ, courtesy of Matt's parents, and then hung around in the living room for a while.

I did end up having to take a Brethine yesterday, because I started having some discomfort and mild contractions. It made me feel like crap, that's for sure. I was sitting outside with everyon
e before dinner, and Matt and his brother were lighting off bottle rockets, and I had to go inside to lay down because I felt like I was going to pass out. I was shaky, light-headed, and felt like crap. I guess my reaction was so intense because it had been a while since I had taken it last.

I should also continue to mention how great Matt has been. The night before the 4th, I was having a major craving for mashed potatoes and corn. He ran out to the store, bought a tub of Country Crock mashed potatoes, a can of corn, and mixed and heated it up for me to eat - serving it to me on our bamboo tray. Isn't he just the greatest! I ate about half of it, and it was absolutely delicious! I let him have my left-overs..lol.

Day 5 - July 5th
It is currently almost 12:30 in the afternoon, and other than getting up to go to the bathroom and grab a bowl of cereal, I have been laying in bed. I think today I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I know my attitude needs to change. This is not the worst it could be. I think a lot of what I'm feeling has to do with my anticipation for Friday. I hate not knowing what to expect, so now knowing how the bed rest is affecting my cervix is driving me nuts. I'm glad they only wanted to wait a week to recheck my cervix, as opposed to 2 weeks.

I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. To me, the best case scenario would be that my cervix still measures 2 cm; OR is longer. Worst case scenario would be my cervix is measuring shorter, with or without funneling. I'm not sure if it's part of me expecting the worst, but I almost feel like it's going to be shorter than 2 cm.

I'm also preparing myself to be taken out of work for good, until Cael arrives. Matt actually told me several times that he thinks this is going to happen, and it would probably be best for Cael and I - especially since I've been so uncomfortable, and every time I move my uterus screams at me. My two co-workers feel the same way too. They've both told me separately that they think I'm done.

I guess I'm becoming ok with the idea of staying out of work until he gets here; at least I would get short-term disability. And I know that it would be the best situation for Cael, if that's what they felt. It's a better situation than being out for a week, going back to work, and being taken out again for good. I would then lose 2 weeks of pay, as opposed to 1 week, before my disability kicks in. My mind just keeps wandering about the what-ifs. I need to stop that.

On the plus side, Cael has been a bowl of energy. He is such a strong little baby boy, and I sometimes have a hard time believing that a baby just under 4 pounds can have the strength he does. He rolls and pushes constantly, contorting my belly. I have some videos I'll post at the end of this. He's also had the hiccups A LOT lately. He had them 4 times the other day, and has already had them once this morning. I am just so in love with him already, it's just amazing.

It's not quite as warm out as it has been the last few days, but I'm thinking about getting out of bed and heading down to the pool to relax. A little fresh air never hurt anyone, and if I get hot enough, I can relax on my back in pool on a floaty raft. I need to get my Thank You notes done for my shower, so that would be an excellent time and place to do that. I should also write a list for Matt to go food shopping later, since he most likely won't let me go because it entails walking around.

Here are a few videos :)
This one is from Thursday morning, 30w5d. He was moving constantly for about 2 hours.

This one is from this morning - 31w3d. He had the hiccups, so I tried recording it. He gives me a big movement towards the end of the video.

And finally, this is a continuation of the one above, except I put my vitamins on my belly so you can see the hiccups better.

The sunshine and fresh air are calling my name, so I'm going to finally get out of bed, and head down to the pool. More updates to come, I'm sure.

:::Keep growing stronger, Baby Cael. We love you:::

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