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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 20 & 21

I'm miserable. Let me start there. I'm still not sleeping well at night; I'm uncomfortable; I have heart-burn all the time; I'm emotional and can't seem to put a finger on why; I feel like a hippo; I feel completely useless; etc.

Let's talk about yesterday, shall we?

It was an ok day. I mostly lounged on the couch, and was on Facebook and The Bump most of the time. Matt came home from work early, around 1:45, so I was thrilled and really happy about that. We relaxed on the couch, and I decided to whip out "Heading Home With Your Newborn", a book that my OB office gave me at my first OB visit. The first chapter was about breastfeeding, and quite honestly, it overwhelmed me. So I put the book down, and tried to relax on the couch.

I was growing increasing uncomfortable. No matter how I laid or moved, it hurt. Cael is sticking his butt up higher in my chest, and it just hurts at this point. So I just broke down and started crying. Actually, thinking about my crying bout yesterday makes me want to cry right now. Matt said something along the lines of "I'm just going to let you cry it out." And he did for a few minutes, until he realized how miserable I was, and I wasn't stopping. He put the computer down, and wedged himself closer to me on the couch. He started rubbing my legs and feet, and rested his head on my thigh, and just looked at me helplessly. I could tell he didn't know what to do or say to make me feel better.

He asked me what was bothering me, and I honestly couldn't tell him. I don't know what's bothering me. Hormones maybe? Being overwhelmed, being uncomfortable, or maybe just feeling done. He asked if I wanted to go lay down in the bedroom, and I figured it couldn't hurt to move and change positions. We cuddled, he consoled me, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up about 2.5 hours later. I got up, and made my way to the couch again. We then ordered pizza, and spent the rest of the night watching TV.

Around 9:45 or so, I started having contractions, and they were really uncomfortable. I used my contraction timer app on my phone, and they ended up being 4-5 minutes apart. Wonderful. I had only experienced a handful of contractions each day over the last few days, so I guess I couldn't really complain. I took a Brethine, and waited for it to take effect. Around 10 or 10:15 we got into bed, and and that point, I was feeling the side effects of the Brethine. And I felt like crap. But my contractions stopped, so I guess I could deal with it.

I was having heart palpitations, felt anxious (great, just what I needed), and felt like I was shaking uncontrollably, even though I wasn't. Matt encouraged me to "breathe it out", so I focused on my breathing. I think I finally fell asleep around 11 or so, which was well after Matt had fallen asleep.

I woke up at 4:30am this morning, used the bathroom, got back into bed, and couldn't get comfortable. I guess I shouldn't really complain, because I don't remember waking up between when I initially fell asleep and 4:30am. No matter how I laid, I couldn't get comfortable. And then there was Matt's snoring. Which, by the way, needs to stop before this baby gets here. At about that same time, the horrible heartburn started, and wasn't letting up.

I got back up, took 2 Tums 1000, and climbed back into bed. It helped for a little while - maybe 3o minutes - and then the heartburn returned. I propped my pillows and Snoogle up so that I was pretty much sitting up. Being like that felt 'ok', and I tried to fall asleep. The heartburn hurt so bad, and I was so thirsty, but I knew if I drank water, it would make it worse. So I got back up, and drank some Coke. I figured it was the only thing that wouldn't give me heartburn, and if anything, would maybe help me burp some of it up.

So I got back into bed - in my sitting-up position - and actually dozed off for maybe a half hour. But I was woken up by Matt's snoring. Once I was awake then, I didn't fall back to sleep until about 7:15. I played on my phone for that whole time. One good thing is that I figured out how to get rid of the "Application Data Space Is Low..." message that has been on my phone for the last few weeks. Yay. Before I knew it, it was 6:45 and Matt's alarm was going off. At this point, I still had heartburn. And oddly enough, I was having hunger pains for about an hour. I was trying to figure out if I should get up and eat something, but I decided not to.

So Matt was up and dressed, and I asked him to bring me bread on a plate. I was hoping that it wouldn't make my heartburn worse. I helped my hunger pains, and since I was already sitting up, I figured it would be ok if I fell asleep. I finally nodded off, and didn't wake up until 9:30 this morning.

I refused to get out of bed until after 10, and I didn't.

I was excited for today, because I had an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure at 1:30. I showered, and then laid around until it was time to leave. I got my mani/pedi, and then came home, which is where I'm at right now. But my gosh, is it hot out!! The thermometer said 97 degrees. I felt miserable while I was out, but it was worth the mani/pedi. Matt should be getting home within the next 45 minutes or so. Maybe I can convince him to go into the pool with me. As hot as it is out, floating in the pool will make all the pressure and discomfort go away. We'll see.

I have an ultrasound and appointment tomorrow at 1:30. I'm getting anxious for the ultrasound, as my cervix hasn't been checked in 2 weeks, so I have no idea what to expect. I just hope it's not a lot shorter. I have to go by myself to this appointment, as Matt can't get off work. His mom can't go either. I don't mind going by myself, but I'd rather have someone there with me. But oh well.

I'm going to leave it off here, as I think I want to lay down for a little while before Matt gets home. I'm just not feeling well, between the pressure and horrible taste in my mouth.

:::I can't wait for you to be an outside baby. I want to hold you so bad:::

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