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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

E. Coli What?!

My midwife's office called me around 5pm tonight with the results of my vaginal culture I had done on Thursday. This was a call I didn't expect, actually, because I didn't think anything was wrong. Apparently, my culture came back positive for an E. Coli vaginal infection with "heavy growth". Whawhawhaaat!?

I don't have any symptoms of a vaginal infection, so I was caught off-guard by this news. The nurse who called me was unable to tell me if the infection is what possibly caused the contractions. She said she knows that UTI's can cause contractions, but isn't positive about vaginal infections. I will ask on Friday when I go to my follow-up appointment. Matt will be picking up my Cipro antibiotic tomorrow morning for me to start.

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