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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 9

When I woke up this morning, I decided that I had to set up some kind of routine for myself since I'll be out for a while. So when I woke up, I moved my Snoogle and regular pillow out to the couch, as I normally do. I let the dogs out, grabbed a bowl of cereal, and plopped myself on the couch. After I was done eating, I wrote a To-Do list for myself, to keep myself in line for the day (It's so easy to just lounge on the couch with the computer, and waste the day away). It included writing out at least 10 thank you notes (yes, I managed to only write out 5. Not very good.), wash a load of Matt's work clothes, go to the post office, and go to CVS.

Since I'm allowed short, occasional visits out of the house (as long as I come right back home and relax), I decided to go to the post office. I needed to get stamps, and mail my Elfster gift out. Unfortunately, I forgot the post office closes at 12 on Saturdays, and I got there at 20 minutes after 12. The office was still open, but the window was closed. So I picked up a Flat-Rate box, and went along my way.

I was upset about the closed post office, so I figured I'd treat myself to Dunkin' Donuts - the drive-thru of course! I got a ham-egg-cheese on a bagel, a strawberry frosted doughnut, and a frozen hot chocolate. It was definitely delicious. I then came home, laid on the couch and ate my sandwich, and then packed up my Elfster gift so it would be ready for me to mail out on Monday. I told Matt yesterday that I would wash a load of his work clothes, so I put them in the washer (he was upset when he got home and saw I did that, because I'm supposed to be resting. He was thankful though).

At this point in the day, I decided I had done too much. I was starting to get irregular, yet frequent BH's, so I decided I was done moving around for the day. I set myself up on the couch, watched Harry Potter, and started writing out my thank you's. I managed to get about 90% of them done - all the ones that my guests had self-addressed are finished; I only have to do the ones for gifts that were sent. I want them done by Monday, so that when I make my quick trip back to the post office, I can mail them all out and be done with them.

Matt came home from work, and we lounged on the couch a bit more. He had a long, busy day at work. It was about 4:00 when Matt asked if I had been down to the pool at all. I hadn't been, but then wanted to. So we got into our suits, and headed down to the pool. It was still hot out, but it felt amazing to float weightlessly in the pool. I didn't have one BH while in the pool. We got out, and then relaxed in the evening sun - where I got some color :)

That brings us to now. Matt went out and got some chicken to grill on the BBQ, and he's currently working on that now. He has been truly amazing, I must say. He jokes around with me, saying "You're lazy", or "Oh, let me get that for you. I know you've had a hard day..laying around!", but I know he's just being his sarcastic self. That's just how he is; he always has been, and always will be. He means no harm by it.

Tomorrow will be another day. Another day of rest. And another day of Cael growing stronger in my belly. I am truly cherishing every moment of being pregnant, and every moment I feel him move in my belly.

:::I love you so much already. Keep growing stronger, my little Cael:::

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