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Friday, August 26, 2011

We're Into Single Digits!!

Hopefully, that is! Today is 8 days until my due date. However, I'm fully aware that I may go past my due date, which I really don't want to happen. But we will see - there's a hurricane coming this weekend, so maybe that will trigger me to go into labor. A lady can wish, can't she!?

So today I had a weekly appointment. It went ok - nothing too exciting. I'm at a solid 2cm dilated, and still at 70% effaced, and his head is still really low. I was hoping that I would be a little more progressed, but at the same time, I know that doesn't really mean anything. I was also surprised to hear that my blood pressure was 142/90, and I had protein in my urine. I wasn't too excited about it though, because I don't have any other symptoms of Pre-E - headaches, swelling, abdominal pain or seeing floaters. Plus, when my midwife took my blood pressure at the end of the appointment, it had gone down to normal. :::Phew::: that was a close one, I thought.

I also asked my midwife if she would or could strip my membranes. She said "I could. But I have to tell you that Dr. so-and-so is on call this weekend, not I or the other midwife". Damn, I thought. I was so disappointed. You know my luck would be my membranes would be stripped, and I would go into labor when there was a doctor on call. Of course, if it came down to it, whatever happens would have to happen.

But I didn't sign up for a doctor - I want to be delivered by a midwife - even though the doctor on call is apparently a "really good doctor with a good bedside manner." But I have no idea what he even looks like, and he has never met me, so if I had the choice, I would wait. So she told me she could strip my membranes early next week, so I have my next appointment on Tuesday. She also told me to keep having sex, take Evening Primrose Oil, and drink Red Raspberry Leave Tea (pregnancy tea) to help continue to ripen my cervix. According to her, my cervix is making good progress, and is very "favorable in the event we do an induction."


I don't want an induction, or to be induced, and I told her that. What initially threw me off, was when she said, "Well, we can strip you next week, and then talk about induction, or we can strip you again and see what happens." I got kind of freaked out when she said *induction* because that is one slippery slope I would like to avoid if at all possible. I told her that I really didn't want to be induced if I didn't need to, and that I know most inductions end in C-Sections. Of course she agreed with me, and didn't deny that fact. So our plan is to strip me Tuesday, and see what happens after that. I did also forget that I will be 39+ weeks at that appointment, so maybe that's why she mentioned induction.

Belly Bandit® Original
On another note, I went ahead and ordered my Belly Bandit. And I'm so excited! I finally made the decision to go ahead and get it, as opposed to a cheaper option. So I really hope it works. All of the reviews about it and on the website rave about it, so we shall see. I'm hoping it will be here before Cael comes, so that I can bring it to the hospital with me when I go into labor. It should be here by early next week, because it has already shipped. I ordered it in the nude color, because I figured it wouldn't be seen as easily under clothing. It's the original BB because I didn't want to spend too much money (the other ones get up to near $80), but it's supposed to work just as well. :::Fingers Crossed:::

:::You are welcomed at any point now Cael. I know we wanted to keep you in before, but now you can come out and play:::

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