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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

...That I won't be attending :( My best friend since 5th grade is getting married in 2 days, on Friday. And I, unfortunately, won't be able to make it. Matt left about an hour ago to make the drive to Long Island - he is the Best Man. It's also his best friend's wedding too - my BF is marrying his BF, oddly enough.

I couldn't help but cry when Matt left. I'm terrified that I will go into labor again while he is away. He'll be gone until Sunday, which is 4 whole days away from me. I know he's only 4 hours away (and he'd probably make it back a lot quicker if I called and told him I was in labor), but I'm so afraid that when I go into labor again, it will be quicker because of the 13 hours of active labor I've already endured.

So because Matt is away, he has ordered me back on bed rest..lol. I'm not to do anything while he is away, to reduce the risk of Cael coming while he's gone. I hope it works, because I would feel horrible if I went into labor, or if my water broke while he was at the wedding. My friend, though, is completely understanding, and says that Cael is the most important thing to Matt, and to not worry if he has to leave.

I appreciate that greatly, but I still don't want to have him rush home. I did that to him once already, when I was admitted to the hospital for my gallbladder. It was a Wednesday, I think, and he had just got to Long Island when I called him to tell him I was being hospitalized. He turned around and drove the 4 hours back to PA to be with me.

:::Please stay put, Cael. Daddy will be home on Sunday:::

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