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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bed Rest - Days 41 & 42...And It's Over!!

So after 42 days of being on modified bed rest - exactly 6 weeks - all of my restrictions have been lifted! I'm no longer on bed rest! Woo-hoo! My appointment on Thursday, the 11th went really well. I didn't need another progesterone shot, and my midwife is thrilled that I've made it this far. I was hoping that she would check me, and she did. I was 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Cael's head was really low. At this point, now that we're in the safe zone, I was hoping I'd be more dilated (especially with all the pre-term labor symptoms I've had over the last 6 weeks), but I was happy that there is something going on. It's better than my cervix being high and tight, and Cael being up and out of my pelvis.

So now that I've been of BR, Matt and I have been going at it, trying to naturally induce labor..lol. See, the thing is that Matt will be leaving Wednesday evening for a wedding on Long Island, and won't be returning until possibly Sunday. That's 4 days where he'll be away from home - 4 hours to be precise - and I'm terrified that I'm going to go into labor while he's away. He'd probably have enough time to get here before Cael arrived, but I would feel terrible if I had to drag him away from the wedding, especially since he's the Best Man. I'm also upset that I'll be missing the wedding, as it's my best friend's wedding as well, but it's not worth the risk of delivering down on LI, and paying for it completely out of pocket. So I will be staying home.

:::Cael, you can either come this weekend, or you have to wait until Daddy gets home on Sunday:::

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