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Monday, August 1, 2011

Construction Update - Day 5

So today is the 5th day of construction (well, technically the 5.5th day because they worked half a day on Sunday), and the progress is amazing! My guess is they'll be done by the end of today! We'll be able to start paint the nursery tomorrow with Primer. This is really moving along!

Today, they:
  • Did all the sanding of the mud and rock
  • Vacuumed and cleaned up the dust
  • Installed the base molding in Cael's room
  • Installed the trim around the door in Cael's nursery
  • Installed a gutter above our front door to prevent the rain from pouring down in front of the door outside
  • Re-hung/aligned our bathroom door in the living room so it doesn't take all my strength to open (this was something we didn't expect!). The door bottom would drag along the carpet
  • Installed our new faucet in the bathroom
  • Installed the rest of the door knobs
Phew! All that is left is:
  • Install the rest of the trim around the remaining doors in the apartment
  • Install switch/outlet covers over all the outlets
  • Install a wood plank on the bottom of the look-through hole opening
  • Finish cleaning up/shop vacuuming
What a big change! I can't wait to post pictures of before and after :)

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