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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bed Rest - Days 34, 35, 36 & 37

YIKES! I haven't really written in a while! I'm still on modified bed rest, but I am allowed to start doing more, so that's why. I've been up more, doing things, especially since the construction is finished, and we were able to start working on Cael's room! I'll try to remember and recap each day.

Wednesday, 3rd

Matt completely primed Cael's room yesterday, since he was home from work early. He has off today because I have a weekly appointment in the afternoon, as well as an ultrasound - this would be our last ultrasound. Our goal was to start painting the nursery today at some point, probably after my appointment.

My ultrasound went really well, and Cael looked fabulous! I was a little upset that they wouldn't be checking my cervical length, but I guess I should have known that. I swear - whatever knowledge you know medically, pretty much goes out the window when you're the patient. I really did want to know how short my cervix was, but after 35 weeks, it's not important anymore because they won't stop labor if it starts. My fluid measured 17 cm; Cael's heart rate was 152 bpm; and he measured in at 5 pounds 12 ounces, and in the 55th percentile! I was really happy about that, because now I probably won't be having an 8.5 lb baby! I noticed his belly was measuring a week or so behind, which I thought was weird. Up until now, everything had been measuring 1.5 weeks ahead. But I guess it just means his growth is leveling out, which is fine with me.

I also got my last Progesterone shot, and had my GBS swab done - which was a piece of cake. I was told by my midwife that she is thrilled that I've made it to this point, but to try and hold out a little longer because she and my other midwife are off until Tuesday! WHAT?! There is a good OB on call that she fully trusts, but she knows that I signed up for a midwife, and would hate for me to have a doctor deliver me if that's not what I wanted. So the goal is to hold out until at least Tuesday (and that's probably what he'll do).

I asked if she was going to manually check my cervix to see if I was dilated at all (something I was also curious about), and she said she's staying away from my cervix, for fear of starting labor before Tuesday. For this same reason, she wants Matt and I to hold off on having sex until my next appointment, which is next Thursday. Fine with me - I'd rather one of my midwives deliver me, and not a doctor. I'm not sure if my midwife will check me next week, but I hope she will. I'm really curious to know if I'm dilated at all.

So we got back from our appointment earlier than we thought we would, and we immediately started painting the nursery. Placing the painting tape was really tedious, especially since we were doing two colors. But we got that done, painted the top half of the wall blue, let it dry for a little while, and then painted the top half brown. We stepped back, and admired the colors. We are in love with the colors, and couldn't wait to finish it off with the border. But it was late, so we went to bed.

Thursday, 4th

Today, I spent most of the day relaxing like I should be. When Matt got home, we got started on the wallpaper border. Let me tell you this, we will never put a wallpaper border up again! It was the most anxiety-ridden, stressful and tedious thing we've done. Considering we've never done anything like that before, and only watched a how-to YouTube video once, it didn't come out bad at all. The border has a geometric pattern, and we were able to match up the shapes to make it look continuous, like I wanted. It came out really good for a first try.

After we got the border on, we decided to try and build whatever furniture we could before we had to go to bed. We started with the dresser, and it actually took us until 10:30 that night to finish. Matt did most of it, and I just sat in a chair watching him. I was having a lot of BH contractions, one right after the other, so Matt wanted me to relax. He looked at me, and told me to "Stop it!", that I'm not allowed to go into labor until the crib is done, and until the midwives were back.

Friday, 5th

Today was a great day! My friend Sadie came over at 10 in the morning to help me finish the nursery. After Matt spent a lot of time on the dresser, he said he was done, and that we could build the rest. It was tedious building the dresser because of all the drawers you had to build too.

So Sadie came over, and after showing her the renovations, we got started on the room at 10:30. We built both the changing table and crib by 11:40. We wondered what took Matt so long, because we had such an easy time...lol. Then we got started on bringing everything into the nursery to set up. We did the crib first, and put the bumpers, mattress protector, sheet and sheet saver on. Then we brought in all the clothes that I had previously washed, folded, sorted, and vacuum-sealed in SpaceSaver bags. We organized the clothes by drawer - it was so much fun! And Sadie started having bad baby pangs with each piece of clothing she held. It was so funny, but I know how she feels. I've been there.

We finished up with setting up the changing table, organizing the extra sheets, blankets and burp clothes in the canvas crates we have for the changing table, and putting the shelves back on the walls. We then ended up going to Babies 'R Us to get a few little things that I needed to finish off the nursery. One thing that I was REALLY excited about, was that BRU had the window valances I've been looking for! And not only did they have one; they had TWO! They've been put on clearance, and discontinued, so I've only ever been able to find one, if any at all. But never bought it for fear of not being able to find a second one. So I was really happy about that find. We spent so much time in BRU, and got home at 6:00pm! But the nursery was finished, and we got home right before Matt did, so we could show him.

He's not one to get too excited about much of anything, so his reaction could be considered non-appreciative. But I knew he liked it, and was happy that he didn't have to do anything else that night..lol. It was absolutely beautiful and perfect. And I can't believe it was done. Finished. Ready to use. It's so surreal. The only things left to do are put up white trim around the windows, get curtain rods to hang the valances, hang his letters, and apply the appliques to the wall.

Saturday, 6th

Today I relaxed for a lot of the day, but at the same time, I also did a bunch of stuff in the nursery. I did a final load of Cael's laundry, folded it and put it all away. I had to use the washer upstairs because ours died a few days ago. We are planning to go out and get a new washer when Matt gets home from work at 3. I also finished getting Cael's hospital bag together, as well as starting to pack mine. It's almost done, and I only have to get a few toiletry items, and pack some clothes for Matt.

Matt got home, and we went out to look at washers, and get the last of the things we need to complete the nursery. We went to Best Buy, because we have a credit card through there, and payments are interest-free for 18 months. We went there with the idea we'd get a washing machine for maybe about $400, pay it off, then buy the dryer. Well, let me tell you - that is nothow it went. I'll spare the details, but after about an hour and a half in Best Buy, and a near anxiety attack, we ended up buying a high-end washer and dryer, for way more than I had thought we would.

But the sales-guy got us 24 months interest-free (and he doesn't work on commission), and have awesome machines for all the extra laundry we will be doing. Plus, they have a steam feature to sanitize clothes and whatever else needs to be really cleaned. Honestly, I think walking into Best Buy 9 months pregnant made us weak in a way. It gave the sales-guy "ammo" to sell to us a more higher-end washer and dryer than we originally wanted - such as the steam feature. But he brought up good points that we didn't even think about. In the end, we're happy with our choice - even if it will take us 2 years to pay off :) We will be getting them delivered on Friday the 12th.

We then headed over to Lowe's to pick up curtain rods, sticky wall hooks for the letters and white trim for around the windows. As it turns out, we bought four 7' pieces of trim, but I must have only picked up 3 of the 4 pieces when Matt pulled up with the truck, so we left a piece at Lowe's. Unfortunately, we didn't realize this until we got home and unloaded everything. Anyway, we then went to Pizza Uno to celebrate us finishing the nursery. I was so excited, and the pizza was so amazing!

When we got home, which was around 8:30 I think, I hung up Cael's letters over his crib. It looked amazing, and I was really happy with how they turned out. They're one of those finishing touches that completes the nursery :).

Finally, here is a picture comparing my belly at 34, 35 and 36 weeks. You can definitely tell I've dropped. He'll be here really soon!

:::Love you baby Cael! You're more than welcome to come anytime after Tuesday:::

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