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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nursery Pictures!

Cael's nursery is finally done! Here are pictures showing the incredible changes from being our previous living room, to being a nursery. I'm so happy and thrilled with how the nursery came out - it's exactly how I envisioned it would be. As a guide to these pictures, the blue room was our living room, and the green room is our kitchen. After we moved our big furniture out of the living room, we were left with little things, which cluttered the old living room - which is why it looks so messy. That's not what it looked like when were used it :)

This is a view of what will be the nursery, looking in from the kitchen.
Another view of Cael's room. Our bedroom is the door to the right.
Framing for the wall.
And the wall is installed!
Repairs/spackle to the walls in Cael's room
The door is installed, as well as the trim and base molding
Bye-bye blue! The room is primed and ready for paint!
Molding is taped off, as is where the two colors will be
Paint is done! I love the colors
Border is put on. That was a major pain!
I love it!
Matt getting ready to build the dresser
Commence furniture building!
Crib and letters I made

Inside the crib
Blanket my sister-in-law gave for Cael
View of the crib and bassinet. Oh yea, and diapers!
Dresser with my diaper cake on it
My mom did an awesome job on the diaper cake
Changing table. Car seat and hospital bags are also ready to go

I can't wait to put Cael's pictures in them


  1. Thanks! We're thrilled with the transformation, and how it turned out :)