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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bed Rest - Days 39 & 40

Monday, 8th

Today, I literally did nothing. I really had plans to do something today, but that just didn't happen. I really wanted to at least start priming the living room walls, in short spurts of course, but that didn't happen. In order for that to have happened, I would have needed to run out to Walmart to get drop cloths and rollers, and that wasn't going to happen. I literally spent the entire day on the couch, doing nothing. I guess I needed to though, as I've probably been doing way too much for being on bed rest. I also slept in, which Matt suggested I do, because I haven't been sleeping well at night. I need all the sleep I can get now, before Cael gets here :)

My back and hips have been really starting to bother me. I guess that's another clue that I've dropped, because Cael is putting tons of pressure on my hips and pelvis. The pain and pressure is bearable, but worse than I thought it would be. I never thought it would bother me the way it does. So to help relieve the pain and pressure, I soaked in the jet tub that is now in our bathroom, and it helped a great deal. I wish I could live in the tub until Cael comes, but then I'd be a wrinkled prune.

Tuesday, 9th

I didn't get too much sleep last night, and I actually woke myself up several times moaning in discomfort. I guess I was having some contractions (not too painful ones), and my lower back and hips were really achy. I just couldn't get comfortable.

Matt said he would be getting home from work early today, and he would work on putting up the trim around the windows in the nursery. Currently, that is what he is doing. After I got up, I was still uncomfortable, so I decided to take another bath. It felt really good - it's amazing how much relief a bath tub can provide. Given this, I really think I'll benefit from the labor tub at the hospital when I'm in labor.

I got out, and decided since I was feeling better, to try and take some maternity pictures. Since I was taken out of work, having professional pictures done was out of the picture. Lately, I haven't had the motivation to do anything, but since I was having a lot of contractions today, I figured I'd take some pictures before it was too late. They didn't come out as good as I thought they would (I couldn't expect too much, since I'm doing them myself), but at least I have them now. Plus, I used some editing programs on the computer to crop and make some of the pictures B&W, which I love. I'll share them in another post.

Today was also the first time that Matt and I had sex in a very long time. Even though I'm still on modified bed rest (at least until my appointment on Thursday), my midwife wanted us to wait until at least Tuesday (today) for us to have sex, just in case it triggered labor - since they were both away. Well, the sex was really good, and I kept telling Matt to make sure he was hitting my cervix..HAHA! Sorry for all the information. Let me tell you though, after we had sex, the cramping and contractions started! I've been having cramps and contractions ever since we did the deed, but nothing regular. Although, a lot of the contractions were probably real, because they hurt, and I felt it in my lower back as well. Hey, since my midwives aren't trying to stop labor anymore, why should we :)

:::I can't wait to meet and hold you, Cael:::

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