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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bed Rest - Day 33

As of 6:30pm last night, construction was complete! It was a long day, since they wanted to stay late, and finish everything. But it was worth it! There is still a light film of dust on everything, so I had to vacuum off the couch and what-not, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We are so happy with the improvements, and everything looks fabulous.

I wanted to try to prime Cael's room today (I'm still on MBR, so I figured I would do it in short spurts), so I decided to get up early and get started on things. I needed to shower, which I did, and we desperately needed to do food shopping. So I was up at 6:45am, showered, and on my way to the food store by 7:45am. Needless to say, that was a VERY tiring task, and by the time I got home, slowly unloaded everything and put everything away, I was just plain exhausted. And it was only 10am. Not to mention that I was already starving for lunch since I was up so early.

So I made some Pizza Bagels for "brunch", and relaxed on the couch. I found out that Matt was going to be coming home early from work at around 2. I was happy about that, because I like when he's home with me, and he could help me prime the room. However, at around 11:20, I started getting these really painful pains with belly tightening. I thought for sure it was a contraction - my belly hardened, it was painful, and it was hard to breath. I started timing them, and in all, I had about 3 of them, and several painless BH's in between by 1:15.

They were definitely irregular and spaced far apart, so I didn't get too alarmed. They just hurt. But at the same time, I was nervous and anxious for if it was the real thing. I told Matt about them, and he wanted to make sure I was timing them, and to not move off the couch. He didn't want me to do anything else for the rest of the day, because he really doesn't want Cael to come yet. He tells me I'm not allowed to have him until the nursery is finished. So on the couch I laid. And Matt walked in at around 12:30 - earlier than I thought. I was happy.

So Matt ended up priming the entire nursery, and I relaxed. I'm so happy and lucky to have Matt. He did a good job, and the room is now white, compared to the bright blue it was before. Tomorrow, Matt has off because I have an office appointment and ultrasound (my last one! The u/s that is) in the afternoon, but we're hoping to do some of the painting tomorrow. The room will be two-toned with a border around the middle, so we have some work ahead of us. I'm just happy we're finally working on the nursery - it feels so surreal.

I'm thinking that the nursery will be painted and ready to be furnished by Friday the latest, and then Matt and I can build the furniture. Once he has the furniture built, I can put everything in the nursery. My friend Sadie is planning to come over on Friday to help organize everything, so I am excited about that. Hopefully we'll have all the furniture assembled! It's all so exciting!

:::Hold on just a little longer, baby Cael:::

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