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Thursday, March 29, 2012


We tried pureed plums for the first time 4 days ago, and so far, they are a hit! He loves them, and after each bite, he immediately opens his mouth for more. He made only a few faces, but they weren't "dislike" faces. More of "this is sweet and a little tarty" faces. But he thoroughly enjoyed them.

Then yesterday, we gave him a piece of plum (as is, but peeled) in the mesh teether a friend of mine gave me. He LOVED that too! He would bring it to his mouth, pull away and look at it, then go at it again. He really like sucking the juice out of it. I was excited to finally try this with fruit. He likes sucking on an ice cube, but fresh fruit is completely new to him. I'm glad he enjoyed it, and I can't wait to try other fruits.

The plums have also done a number on Cael's bowels. He had a massive poop this morning! It was very soft, and runny (insert gagging sound here). He hasn't had any problems pooping before, but I'm sure having plums everyday has helped move things along.

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