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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2-3-4 Summary

To sum it up, the 2-3-4 nap schedule is a life.saver! Period. The End. Cael has been doing much better at night, and during the day. He's still teething (I'm sure his bottom right tooth is starting to work its way up out of the bone), so sometimes it's touch and go with his fussiness. But for the most part, everything is much better all around.

The night before last night, Cael woke up at 11:30pm, and didn't go to sleep until around 12:45 or 1am. He was screaming the entire time, except for when I would pick him up to calm him down. Then he was up again at 4:15. I gave him Tylenol both times. Around 4:45, Matt came out of the bedroom, rubbed my back, and asked if I could give him something. I honestly thought he was coming out to go to the bathroom, and was apologizing for him being so cranky and me dealing with it. But nope. He asked if I could give him something, anything, whatever he wanted, so that he would stop crying. He said he really needed to get some sleep. I hesitated, and then reluctantly brought him into bed and fed him. Matt said he realizes we're trying to not feed at night (or in this case, early morning), but he really needed sleep. I was afraid that this would re-start the bad habit, but I don't think it will. He then went back to sleep, I put him back into his crib, and he slept until 8!

Last night was a much better night. He was in bed at 8, and he slept until 5:30am. I tried to get him to fall back to sleep and gave him some Tylenol, but he wasn't having it. There was no calming him down, and I could tell he was hungry. I wanted to put off feeding him until a little later, but I thought it would be cruel. I could tell he wanted to nurse. So I brought him to bed, fed him, and put him back in his crib. He had a little difficulty falling to sleep. I think it was around 6:30 that he finally fell asleep, and he was up an hour later.

There have been only a couple other early mornings where I've brought Cael to bed to feed him. I didn't want it to become habit, but maybe it's what he needs. By 5 or 5:30, it's been about 10 hours since he last ate, so I would imagine he'd be pretty hungry. And he usually falls asleep right after for at least another hour or 2. I guess at some point, we can eliminate that feeding too. But it's baby steps. We've made a lot of progress so far, I feel. Getting up to feed Cael at 5am is nothing compared to getting up every 2 hours. I can deal with that, and then I'll ask about the early morning feeding at his next pedi appointment.

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