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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Night 6/Day 5

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Day

I'm not exactly sure how long I'm going to be blogging about Cael's new sleep schedule. However, since we seem to have been making great progress, I may stop tomorrow, since that will be one week. He seems to be getting up only once a night/early morning, and for the most part, he has fallen nicely into the 2-3-4 nap schedule. So I probably won't feel the need to blog about it. But I figured if anyone was following my blog, and having sleep issues with their little one, then maybe they can see how amazing the 2-3-4 worked for us, and try it themselves with the same luck.

Last night, despite the crappy naps the day before, Cael slept from 9pm to 5am. Another 8 hour stretch!! I must say, I can really get used to this. HOWEVER, we had some false alarms with the AngelCare monitor, so that woke me up about 2 times prior to Cael waking up. After checking him (of course), I determined they were false alarms because 1) he was still breathing; and 2) he was all the way over to the side rail, and up a little bit on the mattress. So tonight, I will make sure I put him more towards the middle of the crib, this way even if he rolls over to the side, he'll still be in the middle, which is closer to the sensor.

So he woke up at 5am, and was fussing a little. That turned into crying/screaming, so I gave him some Tylenol. But after only about 20 minutes, he was fast asleep. I climbed back into bed myself, until Cael woke up at 7am! I brought him into bed with me to feed him (which I've been doing), and we fell asleep until 8:30! I was in heaven. And I love the morning snuggles with my little man, especially since I don't let him sleep on me anymore. I'll take any snuggles I can get! I was worried about his naps would play out for the rest of the day, since we slept so late. Usually, he'd be ready for his first nap by 9:30 or so.

By 10, he was ready for his first nap. Not quite 2 hours, but then again, 2-3-4 isn't an exact science. He fell asleep by 10:15, but was up screaming at 11. Great, another 45 minute nap. But he wasn't too bad after I picked him up. Turns out, he had peed and pooped, and it had leaked out, so he was soaked. I guess that would wake me up too. But there was no falling asleep again for him, so he was up. We went out and did some errands. He was pleasant, and continued to be so throughout lunch time. He sat in his play nest on the kitchen floor while I ate lunch, and kept himself occupied.

He went in at 2 for his second nap, so that was almost 3 hours. Not bad, and right where I'd like it to be time-wise for his bed time tonight. Currently, it's 10 minutes to 4, so I'll wake him up at 4:30 the latest. That would be a nice 2-2.5 hour nap for him, and he'd be ready for his bath at around 8. I will update after he's gone to bed, as to what the rest of the evening was like.

Update (10pm)

So I woke Cael up from his afternoon nap at around 4:30pm. I fed and changed him, and then we went to the park - since it was such a beautiful day. He seemed really tired around 6:30, constantly putting his head down on my shoulder, and fussing. But there was no way I was getting him ready for bed that early. We ate dinner, in which he was really cranky during, so we brought him upstairs. In the end, we started getting him ready for his bath around 7:15 or so. He was in bed asleep by 8pm. He went RIGHT to sleep. He was really tired. We'll have to see how the night goes.

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