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Sunday, March 25, 2012

29 Weeks Old! And The Easter Bunny!

I tell ya, this kid has had something "fun" and exciting almost every new week. Last week it was St. Patrick's Day, the week before, we went to a St. Patty's Day parade, and today, Cael met the Easter Bunny. I was fully expecting him to cry hysterically when I handed him over to the Bunny. Let's face it, the Bunny is scary looking! But to my astonishment, he didn't! At first, he looked at the lady squeaking the toy like she was crazy and had 4 heads. He just stared with a perplexed look on his face. Then I tried coaxing a smile out of him: "Can you give mama a smile? C'mon, give me a smile!", in my high-pitched, excited voice. It worked! Of course, the lady wasn't paying attention, and missed his first smile, but I was able to get several more out of him, and we got a good picture.

I also must say that I am in LOVE with the outfit I got him for Easter. I thought it was cute on the hanger. But my gosh, when I put it on Cael, and saw what a handsome little old man he looked like, I melted and my heart turned to goo. I became all giddy, and had to run upstairs to show everyone. Matt isn't fond of the outfit, because it's a sweater vest, and sweater vests are "gay" (no, my husband doesn't have anything against gay people. He calls everything "gay" that he wouldn't wear or use himself), but his parents loved the outfit. The outfit was made complete by the navy blue shoes, and my favorite, a cabby hat. I just wanted to eat him up!

Cael's Likes:
  • The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.
  • Sweet peas
  • Moving around on the floor
  • Jolly Jumper
  • Mommy's cell phone
Cael's Dislikes:
  • Anyone poking around his mouth
  • After-bath time (getting lotioned up, dressed, etc). He screams the entire time.
  • BOTTLES! Which could be a problem
Cael is SO CLOSE to crawling. He easily gets up onto all fours without a problem. He even lifts his butt up in the air by pushing off the ground with his feet. He just can't figure out that he can move forward by moving his arms forward. He barely moves his arms at all when he's on all fours. I'm sure he'll figure it out real soon. But he doesn't need to be crawling on all fours to move all over the floor. He wriggles, rolls and shimmies where ever he wants to go. But you can see how determined he is to crawl forward.

Cael's tooth is coming in fast. It's so sharp, too! I forget he has a tooth now, and I let him gum on my fingers. Well, he gums hard, and he bit down, and his tooth got me. It didn't really hurt, but you can definitely tell there was something there! So far, there aren't any visible signs of another tooth coming through, but honestly, it was only maybe 2 days between when I saw the tooth under his gums, to when it actually broke through. To me, that's quick, and I have a feeling his other teeth will be like that. He's definitely been a Stage 5 Clinger the last 2 days, and only to me. That along with an increase in fussiness leads me to believe it won't be long until we see another tooth. Or teeth.

We're going to introduce plums to Cael tomorrow. I'm excited to see how he likes (or doesn't like) them. I'm not a fan of plums myself, but Matt likes them. We decided to try a fruit after 2 vegetables. We'll see how it goes. Overall, Cael has been doing really well with solids. He seems to like the different tastes and textures so far. However, I made my first big mommy-mistake tonight. But after talking to some fellow Sweet Peas, I feel better. I was upstairs last night while Matt's family was having dinner. They had steamed carrots as one of their sides. I had figured that it would be ok to give Cael a carrot, since he'd been introduced to them already, and didn't have any problems. I took a bite of the carrot first to make sure it was soft enough, and it was (by carrot, I mean a baby carrot - which was probably my first mistake). I then held onto it while I let him nom and suck on it. Well, the damn carrot was so slippery, that Cael sucked the whole thing into his mouth. He pushed it out though, and I grabbed it. I was a little nervous when that happened, but figured I would try again. This time, I dug my thumb nail into the carrot, so that I could get a better "grip" on it. Well, it worked for about 10 seconds, until the carrot broke. He sucked in a piece a little smaller than half a baby carrot. Matt's mom, dad and I watched him carefully. He made a face, held his breath for a few seconds, did a slight gag, and then started crying in hysterics. Between the gag and the crying, I quickly leaned him forward on my arm, and hit his back to try and help him get it out. But he must have swallowed it. I knew he wasn't choking, because he was breathing and crying. We figure he got scared because it was a big piece - something he's not used to - and because of our reactions. We weren't screaming or hysterical, but I definitely tensed up and became alarmed. I'm sure he sensed that, especially since he was sitting on my lap.

I felt so bad with the way he was crying. His eyes were filled with tears, and he just clung to me. I felt just horrible. And to think I wanted to do Baby-Led Weaning!? I think I'll pass on that. Although, I do plan on giving huge chunks of apple, pear and whatever else (cut it in half, and give him the whole half) to him to nom on after he's been introduced. My heart was definitely racing after that. And I felt like a horrible mother, too. But he's ok, and that's all the matters. Lesson learned. Cael has a very powerful sucker!

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