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Monday, March 19, 2012

Night 4/Day 5

Sunday Night/Monday Day

Last night was a little bit of a regression. He was up a few times last night. First he was up at 12:00am, and it took him about 30 minutes and Tylenol to fall back to sleep. He wasn't just crying - he was screaming this time. They he was up again at 4:30. He was screaming like he was in pain again, and it had been 4 hours, so I gave him more Tylenol. Then he was up for a third time at 5:20am. This time, he seemed like he was really hungry. I tried to get him back to sleep, and even tried picking him up and rocking him, but he tried to latch onto my shoulder. He became frustrated when I put the pacifier in his mouth, because it wasn't my boob. After about 15 minutes, I realized that I wasn't going to get him back to sleep without feeding him, so I brought him into bed and nursed him. He fell asleep, and instead of leaving him in the bed, I put him in his crib. He stayed there asleep until around 7am, when the barking dogs woke him (those bastards!). He ate again, and we stayed in bed until around 8am.

His whole day was thrown off, though, because I had to drive up to Binghamton. I tried to time it so that he could take his nap in the car, but he only slept for 40 minutes, and was awake before I even stopped the car. The same thing happened on the ride home, which would have been the time of his afternoon nap. He only slept for about 40 minutes, and again, was awake before arriving home. So basically, his naps and the 2-3-4 schedule went to hell today. I'm really "afraid" of what tonight will be like. He was overly tired around 4:45, so Matt and I decided it would be best for him to take a little nap, and just wake him up after an hour. We would then try to get him ready for bedtime around 9 or so. Well, he woke up on his own after less than an hour, which worked out well. However, he was extremely fussy and tired again by 7. So we started his bath at around 7:30, and he was asleep by 8:15. I was still nervous for what the night would bring. We shall see.

Since the recent development of Cael cutting a tooth, I'm not too sure if the horrible sleep patterns he started were due to teething, or a poor nap routine/poor habits. Either way, it looks like we're heading in the right direction.

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