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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Night 2 Of 2-3-4

Friday Night/Saturday Day

Last night was the second night after we started Cael's new nap schedule, following the 2-3-4 idea. And today was day 3, technically.

Last night was another success! Even better than the night before. Cael was in bed asleep by 8:30pm. He only had 2 naps yesterday, which was the goal. His first nap, I woke him after 2.5 hours, and his second nap, he woke on his own after 1.5 hours. So, here's the awesome news: Cael slept from 8:30 pm to 6:45 am!! It wasn't strait through, but it might as well have been. He woke up twice, but for no longer than 10 minutes, and there was no screaming involved. He first woke at around 1:30am crying, but not screaming. I went in, gave him his pacifier back, and he stopped crying. He fussed for about 5 minutes, but eventually fell back to sleep. Without really getting into a full-on crying episode. Then he woke again at 4:30. I did the same thing - went in and gave him his pacifier. Except this time, he fell right back to sleep. No crying. It was amazing!

I feel so lucky to have heard about the 2-3-5 nap schedule. I posted in our Facebump group about it, and now another SP is trying it out. She wanted to drop her baby's third nap, so hopefully this will help her out. So far, I'm loving this nap schedule, and I'm convinced it's the answer to Cael's sleep problems. Thank.You!

His days have even improved. He would always be happy and cheerful in the morning, and as the day went on, he'd get fussier and crankier. However, since the new routine, he's been surprisingly pleasant throughout the day. It just seems too much of a coincidence to not be a result of the new nap routine. Hopefully the progress continues!

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