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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday, Cael! And more...

As a fellow Sweet Pea pointed out, I didn't updated my blog when Cael turned 6 months old (which was also when he turned 26 weeks old). It also just so happens that on Sunday, Cael and I went back down to Long Island to see my mom. This time though, we're staying home most of the time, and I don't plan on visiting a whole lot of people, if any. Last month when Cael and I were down, we spent a lot of time out visiting friends and family, which I like to do. But I also didn't spend a lot of time with my mom either, so that is what this visit is mostly for.

It was Matt's idea for me to go again this month. He suggested it on Saturday, not in a mean way. Cael had a few rough days, and was always screaming. Matt has sensitive ears, and hears high-pitched loud noises at work, so it's hard for him to come home to a screaming baby. I get it; so he was like, "So uh, when did your mom want you to visit again?!" I asked jokingly if he was trying to get rid of me. It's all good - I like visiting my mom because I get help during the day, and it's not so lonely. Plus she gets to spend a lot of time with Cael, which she loves because she doesn't get to see him everyday.

Ok, so since I haven't written in about a week, I'll lump everything into this one post. Here goes!

Happy 6 Months!

Half a year old already! I swear I have no idea where the time is going. He's developing and doing new things at the speed of light, it seems. As usual, he loves his rice cereal. He's getting 4 tbsp now, which is a serving size. He feels heavier, so I hope it's helping him gain weight. We go back to the doctor in 1 week for his 6 month visit, shots and weight check. They'll also check his ears to make sure the antibiotic is working. He doesn't cry in pain anymore, and it's been days since he's needed Tylenol, so I'm hopeful.

In addition to being able to sit unassisted for long periods of time now, he is also able to get up onto his knees more frequently, and is starting to rock back and forth; and he can now also pull himself to a standing position and stand there with assistance. All he needs to do that, is you to hold his hands, and pull back slightly. He'll do the rest of pulling himself up. So basically, if he's laying on his back, and you let him take hold of your hands and pull up slightly, he won't want to just pull up to a sitting position; he goes right up onto his feet and into a standing position. He's much less wobbly while standing now, too.

So with all this, he can can: 1) sit unassisted, 2) get onto his knees, and 3) stand assisted. It may be me and being biased, but that seems to be an awful lot for a 6 month to be doing. And he's been sitting since just around 5 months old. Oh yea, and he moves all.over.the.floor when he's on his belly.

The playmat is basically useless because he only stays on it for a few seconds. He's very mobile. And with my moms help, he was able to "walk" (take uneven steps) towards me just by (again) holding his hands and providing some support. He did the rest. I'm going to have my hands full, that is for damn sure!

He also loves going for walks in the stroller. I just have to say, that I love love LOVE my Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. I am beyond happy with it. It's so light-weight, easy to fold up and so very easy to maneuver. After pushing the BJCM around for a while, it makes the Snap n' Go stroller frame feel impossible to maneuver. It's been really nice outside yesterday and today, so my mom and I had Cael outside in the stroller, walking around. Both times, he fell asleep. I guess the fresh air really does knock kids and babies out. Works for me. And when I stop pushing the stroller, he starts fussing. So add that to the list of things Cael likes: walks outside. It's going to be so much fun when the weather turns nice for spring and summer. We'll be outside a lot.

On another note, there are no signs of any teeth yet. Not even any visible under his gums. I (and my nipples) are very thankful for that! He can wait until he's 10 months old for his teeth to pop through for all I care. BUT, we do have hair growth!! Since being at my mom's house on Sunday, he's had a noticeable hair growth spurt. It's really coming in now, and I love it. It's light brown, oh-so soft, and definitely more visible in pictures. I texted Matt today that he's finally growing hair, and he said that he was able to tell from the pictures I've been posting on Facebook. I'm so happy he won't be bald until 2 years old, like I was.

First Trip To The Aquarium

I've been wanting to take Cael to the aquarium for about a month now. I wanted to the last time we were down on LI, but I didn't think he'd be intothat muchsince he wasn't as interactive or interested in the world around him, like he is now. I'm glad I waited, because he really seemed to enjoy himself. I know he won't remember it when he's older, but it was something fun and different for him.

Cael and I went with my mom and sister on Tuesday. It was nice, because it was a weekday, so there was barely anyone there. They just opened a new butterfly and bird exhibit, so we were really excited about that. Cael seemed to love the butterflies. They were flying all around, and he was constantly looking around at them in the air. It was so cool to see his interest in them. He liked the birds too. They were really colorful, and flying around as well. As long as you were over 5 years old, you can hold them. So the 3 of us held some birds - conures mostly. Two lovebirds and a parakeet landed on my mom's shoulder all their own. It was a really awesome, well-done exhibit.
He also seemed to like the big fish tanks with the colorful fish swimming around. He would stare at them all moving around, and seemed to be in awe. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself, especially being pushed around in the stroller. He didn't cry or fuss, so I was extremely proud of him. I fed him right before we left to go to the aquarium, and didn't have to feed him again until right before we were leaving the aquarium. So he went 4 hours between eating. He was so good. He did take a nap somewhere between the fish tanks and the outside exhibits, which was fine with me. It was a lot for him to take in, so I would have been surprised if he didn't nap while there.

The shark looks like it wants to eat Cael!

6 Month Photoshoot

This will be just a montage of photos from the 6 month pictures I took of Cael. Once again, we didn't want to pay to have them done professionally (although I wanted to), so I took and edited them all myself (again). I'm happy with how they came out. The first two pictures are comparison shots. I loved this particular outfit on Cael in a newborn size, and was sad when he grew out of it. Well, luckily, I found it again in a 6-9 month size, and decided I would compare the size from when he was a newborn, to his current size. I can't believe the changes in his face, and how much he's grown. It's hard for me to believe he fit into that tiny outfit!

And now for a TON of 6 month pictures! I couldn't just pick a few :)

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