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Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Weeks Old!

Cael turned 30 weeks old today. That is right around the time in my pregnancy that I was put on bed rest, and taken out of work. That was exactly 9 months ago. Completely unreal to me.

He is getting closer and closer to crawling each day. Just today, he started lifting his hands/arms, and moving them slightly forward. He definitely had a forward motion on the floor today, and was able to move towards a toy I had in front of him.

We even had to lower the crib mattress down a notch on Friday, because he pulled himself up onto his knees right in front of me. It made me incredibly nervous (I get these visions of him pulling himself up to a standing position, and hoisting himself over the railing of the crib, and landing on the floor head first), so I took him right out of the crib, and lowered it within 10 minutes of him doing that. I did get the whole thing on video, too.

And then yesterday, he had woken up from a nap, and I was watching him on the video monitor. He, again, managed to pull himself up onto his knees using the crib railing. Shortly after he pulled himself up, he lost his balance and slammed his head into the rail. It made a loud :bonk: noise on the crib He immediately started crying, and I ran in to pick him up. He had a red mark on his forehead for a few hours. I guess you can consider it his first boo-boo.

We also introduce butternut squash on Friday. It took a little longer to prepare than I thought it would (I've never prepared it before, so I didn't know what to expect), but it came out really, really good. I try everything first, before I give it to Cael. He LOVED the butternut squash just as much as he did the plums. He kept opening his mouth for more, and very little came out of his mouth. He immediately started crying when there was no more left. That's how much he loved it.

Today, Cael had more to eat (solids) than he normally does during the day. Bowling is over for Matt, so we was home for dinner. We ate upstairs with his family. They were having chicken, and had steamed carrots as a side. I mashed up a carrot for Cael this time, and gave him some of that. We also tried a little bit of grilled chicken, with some mild spices on it. We held it for him, and he mostly gummed and sucked on it. He LOVED that, too. He was using his one little bottom tooth to try and scrape some chicken off, and he got very little of it. It was so exciting to see him try it. Our Baby Brezza says you can introduce chicken, turkey and tofu at 6-8 months, and wholesomebabyfood.com says 7 months+. Cael is almost 7 months, and he wasn't getting that much, so we figured it was ok to try. He then also had his butternut squash a little after that, and then a homemade teething biscuit. He had it made today, food-wise!

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