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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yogurt & Pasta!

We were given the ok by the pediatrician on Thursday to give Cael whatever we wanted; of course with the obvious exceptions - nuts, cows milk, fish, egg white. So I went food shopping yesterday, and picked up some things for Cael. They included baby yogurt, organic rice cakes, cheerios and Orzo shaped pasta. I was so excited to start trying these things. So yesterday, after his afternoon nap, we tried peach Gerber yogurt. He.Loved.It! He really seemed to savor the taste, by moving his tongue around a lot, probably to get all the flavor. He seems to be having issues with texture lately, as he hated potatoes the other night, and gagged on them. So I was happy he seemed to enjoy it.

Then for dinner last night, I cooked up some pasta for him. I couldn't find the star pasta, so I settled on another small-cut pasta. It was rice-shaped, so I figured it would be small enough for him. After it was cooked, it looked like maggots, but that's besides the point. I was really afraid of him choking, even though it was small enough, that it wouldn't obstruct his airway. Matt said he'd be ok. So I started out giving him a few pieces off a spoon. He did really well with that amount, so I steadily gave him more. He love that, as well! I was shocked! I would imagine pasta is the king of all texture, but he really enjoyed it, expressing "Mmmmm" with each bite. I'm so pleased that he did so well with pasta.

 I am very disappointed with my Baby Brezza. It crapped out, and it's probably the drive shaft. Luckily, I bought a protection plan from Babies R' Us to cover it should it break. I only had it for about a month, and I was making potatoes when it died. The motor kept trying to turn the blade, but it wouldn't turn. So I called the phone number for the protection plan, they e-mailed me a return label, and I shipped it via UPS yesterday. They said it would take 7-10 days after they receive the defective product to ship me reimbursement. This couldn't have come at a worse time, because I leave for Long Island in 2 days to go to my moms. I was going to bring the Brezza so that I can make food for Cael at my mom's. But now I have to figure out other ways to make it. And I'll have to bring all the frozen food I made, which I didn't originally want to do. Oh well - hopefully the next one will last a while.

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