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Sunday, April 15, 2012

32 Weeks Old!

Cael has finally learned how to blow raspberries. It's the cutest thing ever! I'm sure when he actually starts spitting, I'll become frustrated, but for now it's cute. :)

Cael has his weight check appointment on Thursday. I'm kind of anxious about his weight. I haven't been thinking about it much lately, but now that I know it's this coming week, I'm getting anxious. And with Cael moving around A LOT more, I'm afraid he's not gaining at this moment, or losing weight, from being so active. My fingers are crossed that he's gaining well. When I picked him up today, he felt lighter than usual. I hope it's just in my mind. I think I'll weigh him on the Wii tomorrow, just to get an idea.

Not only is Cael crawling and easily pulling himself to a standing position, but now he's what you consider "cruising"! I always thought cruising was crawling really fast, but it actually means moving around/walking while holding onto furniture/toys/etc. He just started doing this today, and I was surprised when he transferred from his new toy table, to the couch. I got it on video too (of course).

In this past week, we've given bananas and avocado to Cael. He had mixed feelings about the bananas. The first 2 days, he loved it. The last 2 days, he hated it, and even gagged on it. I tried giving him bigger pieces, even though I mushed it up. He started coughing on it, and after 3 pieces, which I thought he was swallowing, he coughed, gagged, and then threw up. I don't know if he was choking on it, or just gagging because he didn't like it, but it scared the hell out of me. After that, I really mushed it up good, and fed it to him off a spoon.

Yesterday was the first day of avocado. I gave him 2 slices, because after the first slice, he still seemed like he was hungry. He took the first slice without batting an eyelash. He even cried for me. But when I started giving him the second slice (from the same avocado, mind you), he started gagging, coughing and spitting it out. I guess he was so hungry the first time, that he was just swallowing it. But by the second slice, he was actually tasting it, and I guess he didn't like it. I tasted it before I even gave it to him, and after dwelling on it, I figured out what I thought it tasted like - pistachio. Tonight, though, he didn't have any problems taking it. He wanted more, and didn't gag/choke this time. So who knows!

On the topic of sleep, the last 2 nights have been incredible! He slept from 8 pm to 6am, through the night, without waking up! This is HUGE. It felt so good to get 7-8 consecutive hours of sleep myself. But the best part?? He'd wake up at 5:45-6am to eat, I'd bring him in bed to feed him, and we'd fall back to sleep. Until 9 am! Of course, it messed up his naps for the rest of the day, but it felt good to finally get some sleep! My guess is that it's a fluke, and I don't expect it to continue (although, it would be nice!). I guess we will see!

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