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Sunday, April 22, 2012

33 Weeks Old!

Tomorrow we are going to Grandma's house for 2 weeks! Yup, 2 weeks! I'm so excited. It's been about a month and half since we've been there, and so much has changed with Cael since then. He's now eating more solids, rolling all over the place, crawling all over the place, pulling himself up, and taking steps with help. Not to mention blowing raspberries, reaching his arms up to be picked up and giving kisses when you say "Can I have a kiss-kiss?" (well, most times). It's incredible how much he's changed in the last month and a half.

His sleep has become MUCH BETTER! He will now sleep through the night, from around 8pm to anywhere between 4-5am. I'll bring him into bed with me, feed him, and he'll fall back to sleep. I put him back in his crib, although I would enjoy the snuggles, and he'll sleep until around 6:30-7. Sometimes if I keep him in bed with me, he'll sleep until 8 or 8:30! But Matt says that he belongs in the crib, so I put him there. Plus, the extra 2-3 hours of comfortable sleep is greatly appreciated. When he stays in the bed with me, I'm all contorted around him to make sure he's safe. But it's not very comfortable for my arms or shoulder.

Yesterday, I attempted another snack with Cael - Organic brown rice cakes. I was so happy to find that they made an organic kind (then again, why wouldn't they? You just have to look in the right place). I broke off a piece, and gave it to him. I have to admit, that I was a bit nervous, because pieces of the rice were breaking off. I was afraid he'd choke on it, even though it wasn't big enough to block his airway. So I watched him closely as he brought the piece to his mouth and sucked on it. It eventually became mushy enough where I wasn't too concerned anymore. He also doesn't really know how to self-feed yet or how to chew, so he usually ends up putting the whole thing in his mouth or towards the back of his throat, because he doesn't know any better.

I've been all giving Cael organic food to eat, when Matt and I don't eat organic ourselves. If anything, I should probably eat organic myself, because I still breastfeed. So whatever I eat, Cael essentially eats. Even if the veggie/fruit isn't on the "Dirty Dozen" list, if I can find it organic, I'll buy it. But I won't go out of my way crazy looking for it. I guess I just feel it's important for Cael to eat organic, because his brain is still developing and growing. And I feel that any contaminants or pesticides that he ingests could have the potential to cause issues down the line with his brain development. I'm really looking forward to when the farmer's markets start to show up around town. I plan on buying the majority of Cael's produce from them, since they're all locally grown. I haven't paid much attention in the past, because I didn't feel a need to, but I'm pretty sure it's pesticide-free as well. But it's something I will definitely look into while at the farmer's markets.

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