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Saturday, January 29, 2011

9 Weeks!

As each week passes, I am more and more grateful for being pregnant a week longer than the last. And honestly, it feels like every week is flying by. Maybe because I live for the weekend? I think my morning sickness is pretty much starting to subside. I haven't been really nauseous at all the last few days, which is great because I feel like a human being. I'm still tired, but I don't expect that to really change any time soon.

I go down to Long Island next weekend, and I'm excited. I think I'm starting to get a little belly bump (you can see it starting to "fill in" below my little bulge that I had pre-pregnancy), and I'm so excited to show my mom. Also, we're having a cousins get-together, so that will be the perfect time to tell the rest of the family and "come out". We have our official OB appointment on Thursday, where we'll get to hear the heart beat, and I get poked and prodded. So if everything goes well with that appointment, I will then tell the cousins and rest of the family. I'm so excited for that appointment, and am hoping for the best. I'll be 9 weeks 5 days, so hopefully the midwife can pick up the baby's heart beat with the Doppler. But she said at the last appointment if she can't find the heart beat, then they'll do an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. I'm happy for that piece of mind if we can't hear it. I just hope she meant doing an ultrasound on the same day.

I think I recall saying this last weekend, but I have a lot of chores to do. I should go food shopping, I have to go to Walmart, and I have to go to the Fed-Ex store to ship Matt's broken phone back to Verizon. Not to mention fold laundry, clean the counters and vacuum. I guess my chores will only become greater in number the further along I get, and when we have our precious baby. Oh yea - did I mention that I'm typing this from my bed? Well, I am. I feel too lazy to get up yet. :)

:::keep growing, baby:::

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