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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Live For The Weekends Now

I am so exhausted, I just want to sleep for literally 24 hours strait. I'm noticing myself hoping that the weekdays go by quickly so that the weekend arrives..just so I could lay around and relax. The apartment has seriously become a mess because I have neither the energy nor the motivation to do anything. I just want to sleep. This baby is sucking the energy and life out of me :). But that's ok. It needs to continue growing, so it's fine with me. Here's a sneak peak into my ute, at our Little One, from today at 8 weeks 5 days. It's heart rate was 171, and it even wiggled around during the scan. I am so much in love, there are no words. (Head is to the right, body to the left. Yolk sac is all the way to the left, especially in the bottom picture).

Currently, I am having a massive craving for Velveeta Macaroni & Cheese. I'm really tempted to run out to the store to buy some. Actually, I think I might. The store is literally 2 miles away, so why not, right!? Mmmmm. It sounds so good. I'm also waiting for my Wii controller to charge. Matt got me Epic Mickey for my birthday, and I finally whipped it out tonight to play it, and I have a dead controller. Totally made me upset. So I could kill time by going out to the store (Yes, in my PJ's) and getting Velveeta. It just might make my night. :)

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