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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Official OB Visit Tomorrow!!

So that day has almost finally come. The day of our first official OB visit! Tomorrow morning is the day, and I'm so excited. We'll get to hear the heart beat, and I'll be poked and prodded. I'll be getting a breast exam (yay! not!!), PAP smear, and pelvic exam. It should be a pretty lengthy appointment. My midwife said last time, when I had my 5w5d ultrasound, that if she couldn't detect the heart beat with the Doppler, then they'll do a quick ultrasound. I really hope that she'll be able to find the heart beat. I'm so excited!

We also have an appointment with the daycare at my job tomorrow after our OB appointment. I'm excited about that too. We'll get a tour of the daycare, and have to fill out paper work. I thought it was too early to call the daycare to reserve a spot, but they said it wasn't too early. And I'm glad that I called when I did, because we were able to get our name on the list. They told me that they opened up a new infant room, so there would definitely be room for the baby come October!

:::I love you, baby:::

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