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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movement?? Or Gas?

I'm thinking movement, because I've never felt gas feel like that. Just Thursday, I thought I felt something (I was almost 13 weeks then). It felt like someone lightly flicking my uterus. Although I got excited, I can't help but think I'm too early to be feeling anything. I brought it up on the Bump, and the ladies there said it most likely wasn't movement, especially since this is my first. Honestly, I kinda agree with them, because like I said, I thought I was too early.

However. I swear I just felt something. And I'm thinking it's not gas. It felt like little bubbles, or flutters. I felt it 3 times in a row, close together. It felt like a light swoosh..swoosh.....swoosh across my uterus. Kind of like a feather was being dragged inside my uterus, low in my pelvis. After concentrating really hard for another minute following the third "movement", I didn't feel anything else. Who knows. Maybe it's movement. Maybe it's spasms. Maybe it's gas. Or maybe I'm being too hopeful. I know soon enough I will feel movement without a doubt.

:::I can't wait to feel you move, my little Peach:::

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