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Friday, March 4, 2011

2nd OB Appointment and NT Results

Today was our 2nd OB appointment, at 13 weeks 6 days. It went very well, I must say! Baby's heartbeat was strong and loud at 150 bpm. My uterus also measured at 14 cm from pelvic bone to fundus, which is perfect. We also got our NT results, which were also perfect. Our risk of having a baby with either T18 or T21 is 1:10,000 - which is an awesomely low risk. We are scheduled to go back in 4 weeks on March 31st for the second part of the screening blood test (Quad screen), 3rd OB appointment and anatomy scan. I will be 17 weeks 5 days, which I felt was too early for the Ultrasound tech to get good pictures. However, the midwife said that since I'm thin, they shouldn't have a problem seeing everything they need to see. Plus, if there are issues getting good enough pictures, then they will have me come back to try again.

In addition, I've been getting sick the last few days, no matter what I eat. Therefore, my midwife increased my Zofran dosage from 4mg to 8mg. I hope this morning sickness passes soon. I'm starting to believe that I'll be sick for my whole pregnancy.

Here is a video of the baby's heartbeat

:::Mommy and Daddy Love You, Sweet Pea:::

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