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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NT Scan Was Monday!

And it went great! The heartbeat was 160bpm, and baby was jumping around and kicking so much! The nuchal thickness measured 1.32 mm, which I believe is normal. They also took blood to send away for testing as well, so we'll get the complete results in about 7 days from now. But I'm confident everything is ok. I asked the tech if she could use the 3D probe so I can have a picture of the whole baby, and she said yes! I was so excited. We also got a pretty good guess as to the gender. She was thinking BOY, and I'm pretty convinced - even though I'm still really early. HOWEVER, there was a pretty obvious prominence "down there", so I'm convinced. We'll know for sure (hopefully) at our 18 week ultrasound in the beginning of April. I'm so excited for that scan! Here are all of the pictures that we got on Monday :).

:::Keep kicking! I love you so much!:::

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