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Saturday, February 12, 2011

11 Weeks! Woo-Hoo!!

I am 11 weeks today, and am so excited! The weeks seem to be flying by! Baby is now the size of a lime! I don't think there's any big change in my belly. Maybe a little, tiny bulge more than previous, but nothing too exciting. That's ok. I know soon enough, my uterus will be coming up out of my pelvis, and I'll start showing.

I had a "relapse" last night with the Zofran I'm on. I had French fries around lunch time, because I had 2 breakfasts, one of which was around 10am, so I wasn't too hungry come lunch time. I took the Zofran like I have been, and continued to feel fine throughout the day, other than being tired. I came home from work, and laid down on the couch to watch some TV. Around 5:30, I started feeling nauseous, but thought it was because I was tired. Matt came home, and I was feeling worse, and threw up mid-sentence when I was telling him how I felt sick again. Considering I hadn't eaten since noon, I was surprised at how much I threw up. I'm glad I had a plastic bag on the floor next to me, or I would have had a mess to clean up. I took a Zofran and had some toast, and have felt fine since after I threw up. It's weird, that's for sure. I just hope relapses like that are few and far between, until my morning sickness goes away for good.

:::Mommy and Daddy love their little Lime:::

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