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Friday, January 27, 2012


Over the last week, Matt and I have noticed an obvious change in Cael's personality. He's more adventurous and interested in the world around him. He's always reaching for things around him and in front of him, and is putting everything in his mouth. Or at least trying to. When I have my phone, food, etc in my hands in front of him, he just reaches for it and tries to hold it himself. It's definitely cool to see him wanting to explore the world around him with wide-eyes, and an open interest.


So the Lactation Consultant called me yesterday. I feel better and worse at the same time. Better because she gave me some suggestions; worse because the problem is most likely me.

She suggested "switch feeding" to see if that makes Cael happy. Meaning, let him eat on one side until he comes off crying, then immediately switch him to the other side. He's probably content during the first 4 minutes because of my letdown allowing him to get the milk he wants. Then it stops, and he isn't getting what he wants/needs anymore. Which is why switching immediately should help.

She thinks, based on everything I've told her, that the problem is with my supply. Basically, because Cael was sleeping through the night for such a long time, up until a week or so ago, my breasts got used to that, and I guess decreased my overall supply. Now that he's been awake at night (probably a combination of 4mw and teething) to eat, it's making a mess of my supply. So now I feel like I'm not adequate enough for my son, and I'm not giving him what he need.

She suggested some herbal supplements to help boost my supply. She also suggested pumping after each feeding session during the day to also try to boost my supply. Hopefully this will all help, and I can start giving Cael what he needs/wants again.

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