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Sunday, January 8, 2012

18 Weeks Old!!

My lil' munchkin is 18 weeks already! For the last few days, Cael has been developing so much! He's been semi-reaching for things and bringing them to his face. He has a little blankie that grandma gave him, and if you put it in front of his face, he reaches for it, and brings it to his face, and snuggles it. It is so cute! He was also playing with a mailing envelope today, and was trying to eat it. Luckily, he had a pacifier in his mouth and couldn't put it in his mouth (yuck! Germy!). We made sure to wipe his hands down after he was done playing with it.

It was my first birthday with Cael yesterday. I turned 26! My mom keeps teasing me that in 4 years, I'll be 30. One year at a time, mom. One year at a time. It was a good day yesterday for the most part. Cael was up really early, and was cranky. He got up at 2am, and wouldn't stop crying or fall sleep until 4am. Then he was up again at 7, ate, and did the same thing. I was exhausted and couldn't take anymore, so at 9am, I went out and asked if Laureen if she could watch him so I could get some sleep.

I knew he was overtired and needed to sleep himself, so I was hoping he would sleep for Laureen. Well, I fell right to sleep, and 3 HOURS later, woke up, and realized that Laureen hadn't come back with him. I went upstairs, and found out Cael was sleeping on Laureen, so I went back in our bedroom, and slept for another hour. It was A.Maze.Ing! I was so appreciative, and felt so much better after the sleep.

Matt and I also had plans to go out after he got home from work. Without Cael. Yes, for the first time ever, we went out together, and left Cael home with Laureen and Rick. For more than 10 minutes! Ten minutes is the longest I've ever left Cael with anyone. So needless to say, I was quite nervous and anxious about it. But in the end, it turned out fine, and Matt and I had a great time together. He took me shopping for some new clothes, which I really needed. Most of my shirts have holes in them, and they're just t-shirts. So I got a bunch of shirts that I would have never bought before. They're more "grown-up", and much different than my regular boring t-shirts I always wear. I also got ultra-skinny jeans, and a pair of awesome boots. As it turns out, Matt saved up a bunch of gift cards that he got as bonuses from work, and used them on me. So we didn't even have to touch the bank account, which is good. We also went out to dinner after shopping, and then went home. It was a great day, and I can't wait to wear my new clothes, and be a sexy mama! :)

Today, Matt's family made me a birthday cake, and I went up and ate dinner with them. After dinner, we had my birthday cake, and it was really good. Matt wasn't there because he was bowling, but that was ok with me. Cael loved staring at the lit candles, but once the lights went off, they sang to me and everyone cheered when I blew them out, Cael got terrified. He cried hysterical and I felt so bad. But the lights came back on, I cuddled him and he was fine. As part of Matt's family tradition, everyone usually puts the letter/number candies on their forehead with icing. Laureen put a "C" on Cael's forehead for the first time, and it was so cute!

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