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Sunday, January 1, 2012

17 Weeks Old & Happy New Year!!

Cael's first New Years! And he's 17 weeks old today, too! That's two holiday's that Cael turned a new week older on, in a row. We spent New Years Eve at our friend's house, and spent the night there. It took a lot of encouraging on our part to get Matt to agree, but he ended up having fun in the end. It was a great night!

I ended up drinking more than I wanted to. I didn't get "trashed", but I definitely had a nice buzz going. Which makes me feel like a horrible mother. It was well after Cael was in bed, but when I think back on it, he could have waken up at any point to eat, and I would have been in no shape to feed him. I hoped he would have slept until 7 in the morning, but we had no such luck. As soon as Matt and I went into bed at 3am, wouldn't you know that he woke up to eat. Oh well, the last time I had a drink was around 12:30am or so, so I was fine.

As more time goes on, the better Cael is getting throughout the day. He no longer cries all day long, but only a few times a day. And that's usually when he's overtired and needs to sleep. He will also fall asleep in his swing now too. He still only sleeps for about 30 minutes, but it still gives me 30 minutes to get what I can done, as opposed to laying on the couch for 2 hours while he sleeps on me. Although I do love the cuddle time.

I finally went through Cael's drawers, too. I packed up most of his 0-3 month clothes that didn't fit. Depending on the brand, there are some 0-3 month clothes that still fit, so I've left them out. But boy does he have A LOT of 3-6 month clothes! Hopefully he'll get to wear them all at least once.

The cloth diapering is also going very well. I can say I'm thoroughly enjoying it, even though I do an extra load of laundry a day. He hasn't had any leaks, and he had a horrendous poop the other day that definitely would have leaked out of a disposable. I'm quite satisfied with the decision to cloth diaper, and my only regret is that we didn't start it sooner.

Finally, I have to report that Cael was able to put his foot into his mouth after his bath tonight. He discovered his feet the other day, and pulled his feet up to his face, but didn't actually put them into his mouth. Tonight, he did this. It was so adorable. Although, Matt was disgusted by it. He hates feet, even cute little baby feet. Oh well, it's his loss. It was cute!

(Oh, and PS: There's water in the beer pong cups :) )

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