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Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, He's Sitting Alright!

Cael is now able to sit up by himself. Unassisted!! I can't believe it! I was over a friend of a friend's house (and she has a 3 weeks old), just hanging out. Which, by the way, was nice to do and have girl time, and adult talk. So anyway, I was sitting on the floor with Cael, and sat him down in front of me, between my legs. He's been able to hold himself sitting while holding onto my fingers, for about a week or 2 now. But has never sat unassisted before. Well, I decided to let go of holding him, and see what happened. Lo and behold, instead of tipping over immediately, he continued to stay seated, by himself. He was little wobbly, and started to tip over a few times, but for the most part, he did excellent. He was able to hold himself sitting for at least a minute, maybe 2. I think that's pretty good for sitting for the first time.

When we got home later in the day today, I immediately put him on the floor to see if he would do it again. Of course he did, but for longer this time. He was able to hold himself sitting for a couple of minutes strait before toppling over. I was able to get a bunch of pictures (of course!) and a video of it. I'm so proud, but sad at the same time. My little man is growing before my very eyes. I just can't believe he's sitting already. I was so excited, that I decided to Skype my mom. I told her I had something to show her, so she called me on Skype. I answered, with Cael sitting in front of the computer. I had to snap a picture, it was so adorable. My mom loved it, and can't wait to see him again. We're aiming to get down again the first weekend in February.

When Matt came home from work, I told him that Cael and I wanted to show him something. I had Matt close his eyes, while I laid a blanket on the floor, and sat Cael down. I had him open his eyes, and there before him, was Cael sitting by himself. He was impressed! He asked me if he's supposed to be doing that yet. Honestly, I didn't know. I thought it was a little early, especially since I know of some babies that haven't been able to roll onto their backs yet (around the same age as Cael) - which is perfectly fine, because every baby develops differently. So I looked it up online, and it turns out babies can start sitting alone from 4-7 months. So I guess you can say he started early. I'm so impressed with my lil' munchkin!

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