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Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 Months Old!

How in the heck did 3 months fly by so quickly! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it makes me really sad. He's getting so big, and is developing so rapidly. He's to the point now where he can sit up if you hold his hands with yours. But his head still bobbles around a little, but he does a very good job of holding it up.

Yesterday was a horrible day for Cael. We went to go visit a friend in the Binghamton area, that I went to middle school with. She came and visited me in the hospital when I had Cael, which was very sweet of her. Before that, we hadn't seen each other in YEARS! Since 8th grade, that is. She just had twins 2 months ago, so it was nice to visit her and see her little munchkins. Well, I was there for about 3 hours; 2 hours of which Cael was screaming bloody murder. It was his pain scream - high pitched frantic wails and screams, and they just break my heart. He had some horrible gas, and we got him to burp several times, until he eventually spit up a ton of foamy, frothy spit up. Poor little guy. He eventually started feeling better, and fell asleep in my arms. I'm so happy he was feeling better, because then we actually got to talk to each other.

I take it his gas is from my increased intake of caffeine. I've been having a cup of tea a day, and I'm thinking that is the problem. So I'll cut back on the tea, and see what happens. I haven't given him his reflux medication in about a week, and I haven't really noticed a change. The medicine didn't really seem it was working 100% anyway. However, he is spitting up less. He still gets the hiccups every now and then, and after he burps, he does this slight heaving motion like he wants to spit up, but he doesn't. It seems like his digestive system is finally maturing, thankfully. But he does still seem to have a lot of gas/farting, so we'll see how he feels over the next few days with my decreased caffeine intake.

Cael took a bottle today...twice! I'm really trying to get him to take a bottle so that Matt and I can go out for dinner, a movie, or anything. Initially, he only took 1 ounce, and then I gave him the breast. Then, before his final night feeding, he took the remainder of the bottle, which was 3 ounces. He was still hungry after, so I gave him the breast. I figured out the trick to him taking the bottle. He needs to be on the Boppy, similar to how I breast feed him. I'll try another bottle tomorrow, and hope he takes it again.

I'm super excited about starting to cloth diaper. I got my "fluffy mail" on Friday. However, dummy me didn't order the detergent at the same time, so I can't use the diapers until I get the detergent, and wash them first. It should be here on the 8th, which is Thursday :( I guess I'll just have to wait. I also can't wait to get more cloth diapers, and use them all the time. Right now, I only have enough for 7 diaper changes, so not even a whole day.

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